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Episode 15 - A Jump Back in Time

QuotationM1 Who was that girl at the concert? What was she doing at Sweet Amoris? To figure it out, you will need to discover the past of certain people! QuotationM2

A Jump Back in Time is the 15th episode of My Candy Love. It was originally released on April 22nd, 2013. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Picking up where Episode 14 left off, your Candy is met by a mysterious girl who is wondering where Castiel is. Your Candy automatically has a bad feeling about this, and she has the option to send her in the right direction or to send her in the wrong direction. The girl thanks your Candy and leaves, while your Candy decides to find Castiel first. She saw him in the basement earlier, and so she heads off to find him while thinking about the mysterious girl and how she might know Castiel. On her way she runs into Nathaniel, who asks her what she thought of the concert. She then goes down to the basement, where Castiel is still hanging out. She tells him how a girl is looking for him and he doesn't know who it is, but it could be someone from the concert since he impressed many girls from his performance. Your Candy describes the girl's appearance to him, but he still doesn't recognize her. No matter, Castiel doesn't intend to hang around the school so if the girl finds him, then fine, but either way, he's going home. Your Candy can ask to go with him or to part ways there. If your Candy chose to stay him, the duo will walk through the hall together and chat a little. In the courtyard, they part ways and your Candy feels relieved the mystery girl didn't get the chance to talk with Castiel. She then heads home for the night.

The next day, your Candy arrives at school and is met immediately with a school announcement about how all students must report to Classroom B. Your Candy arrives and notices both Castiel and Nathaniel aren't present yet. She takes a seat next to Violette before Mrs. Shermansky begins speaking. Due to the success of the concert, the school can now start working on the main project. Peggy is the first to ask what the project is, but the Principal explains how it'll stay a secret for now so it'll be a surprise. The teachers will also clean the school since the students worked hard on the concert, but they may ask them for help when needed. The Principal even gives a shout-out to your Candy for the idea of the concert and for all her participation. With the announcement over, the students disperse and go their separate ways. In the hallway, your Candy literally bumps into Armin, and falls down. He helps her up and jokes about her being clumsy, even though it was actually Amber who pushed her. Armin asks your Candy if she knows anything about the new secret school project, but your Candy is more curious about where Castiel and Nathaniel are. She's also curious about the mysterious girl who was looking for Castiel yesterday. Your Candy tells Armin about the girl, and Armin jokes he wished he could have seen her. Your Candy then goes off to ask other students about the whereabouts of the two missing boys and the mystery girl.

First, she talks to Peggy, who hasn't seen the mystery girl and wants your Candy to follow her instead. She wants to get more information about the planned event, but your Candy doesn't want to join her since it always leads to trouble. She then runs into Amber, in which she asks the blonde why she pushed her earlier. Amber plays dumb and marches off, and your Candy wonders why she was acting less pretentious than usual. She then sees Rosalya and asks her if she saw the mystery girl, but she didn't. Rosalya is curious to know who she's referring to, but your Candy is still trying to figure it out, as well. Once they part ways, your Candy sees Melody, who is curious about the secret project. Your Candy asks her about the mystery girl, but she hasn't seen her either. Still wandering around the school, your Candy runs into Lysander, and he asks her about Castiel's whereabouts. Your Candy doesn't know where he is and is surprised even Lysander doesn't know where he is. She then asks him about the mystery girl, but he doesn't have any new leads for her. Your Candy thinks about how she hasn't seen Castiel or Nathaniel all day, plus she still isn't anywhere closer to knowing anything about the mystery girl. She decides now is a good time to stop for the day, but suddenly someone comes out of the Teacher's Lounge. As chance would have it, the mystery girl comes out from the room and thanks your Candy for helping her find Castiel yesterday. Apparently, the girl was once a student at Sweet Amoris and introduces herself as Deborah. As quickly as she appeared, Deborah leaves to go catch up with her old classmates; leaving your Candy feeling uneasy. Lysander then comes to talk to your Candy and he's surprised to see Deborah has returned. He's unsure why she's back and he leaves in a hurry, looking a little worried.

Now that your Candy knows Deborah's name, she can ask other students more easily about her. First, though, she runs into Kentin, Armin, and Alexy, who are poking fun at Kentin's attire. After a bit of banter, your Candy tells them how she's looking for details about Deborah and how she has a bad feeling about her. Alexy volunteers to join your Candy in her investigation and the duo set off. Your Candy's not sure where to go from here, and Alexy suggests asking others about their opinion. They see Amber and her group, and due to their poor relationship, your Candy feels it's better for Alexy to ask her on his own. Alexy doesn't know the past between your Candy and Amber, and drags your Candy along with him. When the duo reaches Amber's group, your Candy wearily asks them if they know anything about Deborah. Your Candy doesn't get the chance to finish her sentence, however, because Amber freaks out at hearing Deborah's name and takes off to go find the "little pest". Alexy thinks maybe your Candy was right about Deborah after seeing Amber's reaction, but your Candy is starting to feel maybe she was the one that was wrong. The duo then runs into Iris, whom they explain to about Deborah being in the school. Iris is excited about her return and mentions how she's a lot like your Candy. Iris leaves to go find Deborah, leaving your Candy and Alexy to talk about how maybe your Candy is feeling threatened about Deborah since they're similar, but your Candy mentions how Iris sees the good in everyone so they should get another opinion. While walking down the hallway, they see Amber looking angry about Deborah, and Charlotte and Li try to encourage her by talking badly about Deborah, as well. When your Candy runs into Rosalya, she mentions how a former student has returned, although she doesn't know Deborah well. Apparently, Deborah likes music and is a professional singer. Your Candy is still unsure why she would be at the school, and goes off to find answers. She meets up with Armin, who thinks she is wrong about Deborah and that maybe she's looking too far into the situation. Lysander approaches your Candy after finding out from Iris that she's been asking the whole school about Deborah, and your Candy finds out she's actually Castiel's ex-girlfriend. Lysander doesn't know why they broke up, but it affected Castiel a lot and he didn't want to talk about it. Lysander hopes to talk with Castiel, but he can't get ahold of him. Alexy sides with Deborah, feeling that one can't judge a person by their relationships and that she probably had a good reason for ending the relationship. Down the hall, they run into Peggy, who is excited about the amount of information she has to write new articles with, as well as Deborah's return. When asked about what Deborah said about your Candy, she only said nice things. Things are leaning toward Deborah being a good person, but your Candy wants one more piece of evidence. They run into Lysander again, who says how Deborah asked him if Castiel thought about her proposition. She didn't reveal any other information, and Lysander worries that Castiel will leave the school to play in Deborah's band. Along the way, they run into Melody, and she has nothing but good things to say about Deborah. The CD your Candy bought Melody for her birthday was actually Deborah's band, and your Candy decides to buy the album so they can listen to it. Once the album is about at the Dollar Shop, Alexy goes off to get his CD player from his house. Your Candy wanders around aimlessly to kill time until Alexy returns. The duo listen to the CD, and both agree that Deborah's band is nothing special. Alexy wonders if maybe Deborah came to the school to ask Castiel for help writing better songs and your Candy worries that he'll leave the school for Deborah's band. Alexy also looks at the CD's insert, and mentions how the pictures of Deborah are rather alluring; not the image of a helpful sweet girl like everyone praises her to be. Your Candy and Alexy then part ways.

Your Candy runs into Armin, who mentions how Alexy told him that she's still looking for information on Deborah. He doesn't want to do anything that involves school and asks if he can help find information with her. Your Candy agrees, and Armin compares the situation to the game Ace Attorney. Armin then suggests they go to the Teacher's Lounge to see if Deborah's school file is still there since she's a former student. He apparently has a plan, and mentions how they need to find Mr. Faraize. In the hall they run into Alexy, who asks what they're up to. When your Candy mentions that they need Mr. Faraize to get into the Teacher's Lounge, Alexy and Armin share an unusual glance, although your Candy doesn't know what's going on. In Classroom B, the duo find Mr. Faraize and Armin tells him how he needs to get a game from the Teacher's Lounge. Mr. Faraize gives him the keys, and your Candy realizes Armin only joined her so he could get his game back. In the hall, Armin spins the keys around his finger even with your Candy warning him not to, and the keys fly off his finger and end up behind the lockers. Armin tried moving the lockers so they can get behind them, but they can only move so far. One of them will have to squeeze behind the lockers to get the keys, and Armin is too big. Your Candy has to go change her clothes so they won't get dirty and once she removes any bag, hat, accessories, and jackets, she slides between the lockers and grabs the keys. While Armin pushes the lockers back, your Candy goes off to open the Teacher's Lounge door. The duo enter the room and Armin immediately grabs his game. They then begin looking through the student files and finally come across Deborah's. Her file has nothing bad in it and is rather ordinary. The duo leave the Teacher's Lounge, and your Candy thinks maybe she was wrong about Deborah. Armin also encourages her before they part ways so he can return the keys to Mr. Faraize.

Your Candy then runs into Kentin, who is annoyed by Alexy's antics. He asks your Candy if she found out anything about Deborah, and your Candy admits she's given up. Kentin hopes Deborah is at the school to take Castiel away, though your Candy isn't sure that would be the best. Even though she's suppose to have given up on finding information about Deborah, your Candy is still curious and wishes she could see what her band members thought of her. Kentin saw Castiel had a copy of the magazine in the basement or the locker room, and your Candy remembers the article being rather negative. Kentin can either join your Candy or not in search of the magazine if he likes her enough. Along the way, she runs into Lysander, who has lost his notebook. Your Candy tells him that if she fins his notebook, she'll return it to him. In the locker room, your Candy finds Lysander's notebook on the bench and she can either take it or leave it there. Once the magazine is found, your Candy begins to read the article. Apparently Deborah got into a fight with the guitarist in her band, and he left. The production of her new album is now suspended until she finds a new guitarist. Your Candy is now sure Deborah came to the school to get Castiel to join her band as the new guitarist. On her way back into the school, you Candy can give Lysander his notebook or not, depending if she took it or not. She then tells him about hoe Deborah really is there for Castiel to join her band, and Lysander leaves abruptly, looking concerned.

You Candy still isn't ready to leave the school yet, so she wanders the halls a bit to see if she can do anything else. She runs into Iris, who says Deborah is looking for her. Apparently Deborah has heard about all the questions your Candy has been asking about her and wants to reassure her. Your Candy finally runs into Deborah, who was having a hard time finding her. Although Deborah is pleasant, your Candy is a bit cold toward her. Deborah has done some research on your Candy, as well, and after some banter, Deborah decides to tell your Candy a story. The duo go down to the basement and Deborah begins to tell a story about the past, before your Candy arrived at Sweet Amoris. The story takes place from the perspective of Deborah, who explains how they had finished practicing in the basement like they had been for a few weeks. Deborah compliments Castiel, and the two share a happy banter together. Castiel then tells her to meet up with him later because he has something for her. She's excited and agrees to meet him in the classroom in an hour. When Castiel leaves, Deborah tells your Candy that the reason they were practicing so hard was because they had been contacted by a scouter who could help them become professional musicians. The problem was that Deborah wanted to pursue her career alone, not with her current band. As Deborah gets back to her story, she sees several other students such as Violette and Iris; all of whom she secretly thinks are idiots, but acts sweet to them. When she's alone, Deborah calls her manager and tells him she's ready for the audition, but she also lies about Castiel by telling the manager that he should be left out due to being full of himself. She eventually convinces him to let Castiel go, and she's happy for the victory. Her joy is intercepted by Nathaniel, however, who overheard the whole conversation. He leaves immediately, and Deborah runs after him in a panic. She runs into Lysander, who says very little and only replies that he hasn't seen Nathaniel. Deborah breaks out of her story to tell your Candy how she's one of the rare people Lysander talks to. Back in the story, Deborah runs into Castiel, and she's worried Nathaniel told him about what she's done. Castiel doesn't seem to know anything is up, and even goes as far as to defend Nathaniel. Deborah is quick to leave, and she finally finds Nathaniel. He doesn't want to talk to her, but Deborah tries to seduce him. Nathaniel isn't interested in her, however, even with her advances. Deborah corners Nathaniel and even offers to make him her manager in the future, but he won't agree to it. Nathaniel feels Castiel deserves to know the truth, and Deborah puts his arms around her waist to try and further seduce him. At that moment, Castiel walks in and sees what looks like Nathaniel coming onto Deborah. Castiel punches Nathaniel in the face, and Nathaniel hits back. Even though Nathaniel tries to explain the situation, Castiel won't listen. In the end, it took several students to separate the two fighting boys and Deborah got to play the role of the victim. She later runs into Amber, who is upset that Deborah made the two boys fight since it lowers her chances of getting with Castiel. Other students comment about the fight, as well, until Deborah checks up on Castiel. He's distant because he just received a call from the manager, and he assumes she was pale because she knew he was being dropped. Deborah then breaks up with Castiel because her career comes first, which hurts Castiel tremendously. The story ends here, and the perspective goes back to your Candy.

Your Candy is unsure why Deborah would tell her such a story, and Deborah tells her it was a warning. Everyone in the school trusted her and with a few words, she was able to turn everyone against Nathaniel in the past. If your Candy tries anything to get in Deborah's way, she has no problem turning the school against her. Deborah leaves happily, and your Candy is unsure what to do. She's not only worried about Deborah, but also about Castiel and Nathaniel's absences. If your Candy is closest to Lysander, they will share a moment where they worry about Castiel, and your Candy tries to reassure him. If your Candy is closest to Armin, she will share a moment with him and Alexy as they try to cheer her up. If your Candy is closest to Kentin, they will eat cookies together after school. Your Candy then goes home for the day, and is worried about Deborah and how she could ruin things like she did in the past.

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

Lysander date outfit
Armin date outfit
Kentin date outfit
For Lysander For Armin For Kentin
Dollars 9 Dollars 11 Dollars 38

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Locker Room
• Gift:
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Locker Room
• Gift:


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Official Episode Guide

Here is the guide for episode 15 !

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : Mystery man

PART 2 : Deborah...

PART 3 : The article

PART 4 : Back in Time


P A R T 1: 

Mystery man

For this episode, the illustration for Kentin and Armin are available under certain conditions. You must have a certain object if you want the illustration with Kentin, don’t take that object if you want the illustration with Armin.


Friend or enemy?

This episode starts where the last episode ended. You find yourself in front of the young girl with a rock style who is looking for Castiel.

After a short dialogue with here, you have a choice:

CHOICE 1 : Tell her where Castiel is

CHOICE 2 : Send her in the wrong direction

C H O I C E 1:

Tell her where Castiel is

This choice will prevent you from having a dialogue with Castiel.

      ➜      Objective: Go to the basement to see what the girl wanted from Castiel.

You are questioned by Nathaniel who wants to find out what you are doing. When you get to the basement, you see that neither Castiel or the girl are there. You decide to return to where everyone is.

✔ Return to the courtyard to go home

You will go home, either alone or accompanied.

You get back to the main storyline here.

C H O I C E 2:

Send her in the wrong direction

This choice will allow you to have the dialogue with Castiel.

      ➜      Objective: Go and quickly find Castiel before the girl realizes you've sent her in the wrong direction!

You are questioned by Nathaniel who wants to find out what you are doing. Castiel is there and you have a conversation about his female fans. You can either leave with him or not. (If you refuse to walk home with him, you can always go home with someone else.)

✔ Return to the courtyard to go home

You will go home, either alone or accompanied.

You get back to the main storyline here.

You come back to school the next day, Mr. Faraize, who is not at ease with the microphone, makes an announcement.

      ➜      Objective: Go inside the school

After the announcement, you unlock a new objective while you validate this one. Even with the numerous hesitations of your teacher, you understand that you have to go to Classroom B.

✔ Go to Classroom B

You notice after the principal’s announcement about the success of the concert that Nathaniel and Castiel are absent. Is it because of the girl? You have to figure it out.

      ➜      Objective: Ask the students if they saw the girl from last night!

You must talk to the following students to validate this objective: Rosalya, Peggy, Melody and Lysander.

You will meet the girl in front of the teacher’s lounge and finally learn her first name: Deborah. Lysander, who heard you talking with you, tells you a few things but not enough to satisfy your curiosity.

P A R T 2: 


      ➜      Objective: Now that you know her name, talk about Deborah with the others!

You are with Alexy during this objective.

You meet Kentin, Armin and Alexy en route. Alexy decides to accompany you during your investigation.

To validate this objective you need to talk to the following students: Amber, Iris, Rosalya, Melody, Peggy and Lysander.

You learn more and more about Deborah and like her less and less. Alexy seems to have fallen under her charm.

Your objective ends with the conversation with Melody. Remember her birthday present? It was Deborah’s album! Alexy and you decide to listen to it.

      ➜      Objective: Buy Deborah's album and go back to the school.

Deborah’s album is in the Dollar Shop. Go buy it and return to school Alexy took a walk, so make a few moves waiting for him to come back.

✔ Take a walk through the school while waiting for Alexy to get back

You listen to Deborah’s album with Alexy. He is now convinced that Deborah can’t be a bad person. You remain suspicious and decide to continue your investigation.

Alexy leaves your side.

      ➜      Objective: You aren't convinced...Continue your research!

In the halls, you meet Armin who decides to break into the teacher’s lounge to help you get the truth out. In the mean time, Alexy looks at his brother in a weird way. Something fishy is going on!

      ➜      Objective: Find Mr. Faraize to ask him for the keys to the teacher's lounge

You are with Armin during this objective.

Armin didn’t really want to help you, but rather wanted to get his video game! It’s alright, at least you have the keys to the room.

✔ Go to the teacher's lounge

Armin won’t stop playing with the keys and sends them behind the lockers.

      ➜      Objective: Don't wear a hat, a bag, an accessory or a jacket and go back to the school.

You need to change and to make a few moves until you unlock the sequence. Once you get the keys, you will go to the teacher’s lounge.

You have the choice to consult or not your own school records.

Once you are finished, you have the possibility to spend more time with Armin, or not.

C H O I C E 1:

Stay with him.

This choice will allow you to have extra dialogues with Armin.

/!\ Careful, his answer depends on your LOM! Even if you say yes, he may say no/!\

      ➜      Objective: Spend some time with Armin.

Talk with Armin by making a few moves in the halls with him.

You get back to the main storyline here.

C H O I C E 2:

Don’t stay with him.

No consequences.

You decide to not spend time with Armin and continue with the story.

You get back to the main storyline here.

A new objective will be unlocked because you still don’t have enough information about Deborah.

P A R T 3: 

The Article

      ➜      Objective: Go to the school to see if there is anything else to discover about Deborah

You meet Kentin who reminds you that, before the concert, you had found a magazine that talked about a declining rock band. Castiel’s attitude changed when he took it back. And what if…? What if it was talking about Deborah’s group?

You have two choices. One will allow you to unlock some extra dialogues with the young soldier, the other will not.

A new objective appears. It doesn’t depend on the choice you make.

      ➜      Objective: Go to the basement or to the locker room to find Castiel's magazine.

While on your way, you run into Lysander, who has yet again lost his notebook. You find in it the locker room along with the magazine. It’s up to you whether you bring it to him or not. (No objective is linked to this “Lysanderesque” turn of events.)


C H O I C E 1:

Stay with him.

This choice will allow you to unlock a dialogue with Kentin.

/!\ Careful, his answer depends on your LOM, even if you say yes, he may say no/!\

After finding nothing in the basement, Kentin finds the magazine in the locker rooms.

You get back to the main storyline here.

C H O I C E 2:

Don’t stay with him.

This choice will prevent you from unlocking a dialogue with Kentin.

You search for the magazine by yourself. First in the basement but you don’t find it, so you head to the locker rooms.

You get back to the main storyline here.

Now you are sure. The article was talking about Deborah.. Her guitarist left the group and you find out why she came to Sweet Amoris: She wants to recruit Castiel. You have to talk to her!

      ➜      Objective: Return to the school to unlock a dialogue with Deborah.

You look for Deborah in the school, and it’s perfect timing because she wants to talk to you too. This discussion should be interesting.

✔ Go to the basement.

She has you relive the moments that led to her breakup with Castiel. To start this trip back in time, go to the staircase.

Some objectives are available during this little adventure, but they will not be detailed here so as not to spoil the story. :)

P A R T 4: 

Back in Time

/!\ The basement is not available during this time period, it’s not a bug/!\

You now play the part of Deborah, in Sweet Amoris before your arrival. Castiel and Nathaniel look different and the scenery is sepia tinted like in an old photograph.

A first dialogue about Deborah and Castiel’s practices, afterwhich, you (still in Deborah’s skin) must make an important call. It’s better to be alone for this.

      ➜      Objective: Find a quiet room to make a phone call.

Go to Classroom B.


Very retro... ^^

      ➜      Objective: Find Nathaniel before he says something.

Certain dialogues are available before you find Nathaniel and you learn more about the story. A violent fight explodes between Nathaniel and Castiel. Afterwards, the rocker leaves.

      ➜      Objective: Go talk to Castiel about what happened.

After a long discussion, you (Deborah) break up with Castiel.

After all this, you come back to present day automatically.

You have a chilling dialogue with Deborah.

Take a walk in the halls. It’s time for you date, so choose the right outfit and words!

That’s the end of this guide!!

See you for episode 16!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


I would have liked to spend some time with you, but I need to go home now.

  • A. Oh, too bad... +
  • B. Oh, c’mon! (take him by the arm and lead) (more discussion) =
  • C. Say rather that you do not care!

I don’t know if I want to see Castiel and a girl alone in the basement...

  • A. Why? If they are just talking! =
  • B. Too bad Peggy isn’t here; she would love that kind of scoop!

So {$Pseudo}, what did you think about the concert?

  • A. Sorry, I don’t have the time right now, I need to find Castiel. -
  • B. Great! You were great on the drums! And those clothes looked really good on you, you looked cooler than usual! +

I-I left quickly... just in case.

  • A. Ha ha! You’re too cute! -
  • B. Good thinking. +
  • C. Chicken!


Are you talking about yourself in the third person now?

  • A. No, I’m not talking about me! =
  • B. Very funny! You haven’t spoken to anyone besides me then? (more discussion) =

No, no one. Well, no one I know anyhow. There were quite a few girls after the concert, but I didn’t know any of them.

  • A. What do you mean? = (+ or)
  • B. Lots of girls? The concert was successful then! =

You’re not the only girl I impress. But don’t worry, you’re on my list.

  • A. Don’t change the subject! What did they want? =
  • B. You can take me off it right now, you don’t have a chance. =
  • C. I’m not worried... in any case, once they see your negative side, they’ll turn around and run! =

You don’t even know how to make your own. But since that’s what you want, no problem, I give up!

  • A. No! =
  • B. Thanks. =

I’m not negative.

  • A. Oh sure you are... extremely even.
  • B. Yeah you do, but that’s why we love you! =

Yeah, true... Well, I guess if I see her before I leave, good for her, but I’m not going to hang out here to much longer.

  • A. Can I come with you? =
  • B. Ok, see you tomorrow! =

I was just wondering.

  • A. And what are you thinking about? -
  • B. You’re interested in me now? +

With a voice like yours and a pro like me at the guitar, it couldn’t be anything but perfect!

  • A. Ha, ha, how modest kitten! =
  • B. True, what would I do without you? =


{$Pseudo}! Tell them that I’m fine like this!

  • A. Uh... Yeah, he’s fine like that... =
  • B. And would a "please" be too much to ask for? =

I hope that she came to get Castiel; we won’t have to deal with him anymore!

  • A. You say that because he still scares you... -
  • B. No! The school will be so empty without him... =
  • C. It still wouldn’t please me very much. =

I-Innocent? Not at all...

  • A. Are you coming with me? (50+ affinity, more dialogue) =
  • B. Are you staying here? =

No, no, no... Well, apart from the magazine that we came for!

  • A. You really have it? =
  • B. You could have said that before that you had it...
  • C. Very good Ken! You’re great! '(more dialogue) -

Kentin! Don't call me Ken.

  • A. Ah, sorry, but you know it's not mean. (If high L'o'M?) +
  • B. Shoot... I'm sorry, I forgot.


It’s the least I could say! I wanted to return the favor, but I don’t have any good ideas... So I thought I could walk you home! If you want.

  • A. Yeah, that would be nice! +
  • B. No, thanks I would prefer to go home alone. =

Nope, and I don’t really feel like talking about it.

  • A. 'Cause it would spoil the surprise? -
  • B. Oh... So, if I figure something out, I shouldn’t tell you? =
  • C. Why? +

She didn’t want to tell me more... I hope she doesn’t want him to go play in her band...

  • A. Me neither... It would be horrible if he left school! =
  • B. Look at the bright side; it will give us a vacation! -

  • A. (Take the notebook) =
  • B. (Leave it =

Really? Thanks a lot!

  • A. But, I left it in the locker room. -
  • B. It’s always a pleasure! =
  • C. Now, you can stamp my "lost notebook" members card, right? +

I tried to contact Castiel again, but he isn’t answering... I don’t know what Deborah told him, and what his decision will be... I’m almost stressed about this...

  • A. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be alright. =
  • B. Imagine, Castiel leaves... We wouldn’t see him at all. (Illustration) =


If you’re leaving, no, if you are staying why not! We could talk a bit, what do you say?

  • A. No, sorry, I really need to leave... =
  • B. Shoot, I would have liked to, but I have to go... +

Oh, too bad. I’ll get going too then. Can I walk with you?

  • A. No... Sorry, I want to be alone a bit.
  • B. Yeah, I’d like that! =

Shoot, I would have liked to see that!

  • A. I didn’t think you were like that... =
  • B. Stop, I’m going to end up jealous... =

The school is planning a laser tag tournament, I’m sure of it!

  • A. A what tournament? =
  • B. Oh, no I don’t like that. -
  • C. That would be cool! +

What about her bothers you that much?

  • A. She seems too perfect. =
  • B. I just have a hunch... =
  • C. I don’t like her clothes... =

I just ran into my brother, and he told me that you are still trying to get information about Debbie?

  • A. Her name is Deborah. -
  • B. You got her name wrong! =

We can be like Ace Attorney, in investigation mode. We can go in a room where we can find clues. We’ll look, and when we find something we can go see Luna to confront her with the information until we learn something new!

  • A. Her name is DEBORAH! =
  • B. Ok! I’ll be Maya and you can be Phoenix! (more discussion) =
  • C. I don’t know if treating life like a video game is such a great idea... -

That role suites you very well!

  • A. Because I’m a bit weird? =
  • B. Because I’m cute? -

Well, we all learn from our mistakes...

  • A. You will never get your game back then! =
  • B. This isn’t the time to laugh! Help me get them back! It’s alright, we’ll just have to move the lockers! =

Look at yours instead of complaining!

  • A. No, I don’t want to. =
  • B. Oh, where is it? =

I’m going to get these keys back to Mr. Faraize! Later!

  • A. Wait, I’ll come with you! (I want to stay with him a bit longer) +
  • B. Okay, see you later then! =

  • A. (I would like to talk to him...) =
  • B. (Don’t say anything) =

  • A. What’s your favorite color? =
  • B. How do you feel about me? =
  • C. It’s nice out today isn’t it? -

No! I play a game. It wakes up all my senses, and then I feel refreshed!

  • A. I don’t really feel like playing... (Illustration) =
  • B. Oh... Why not, it could get my mind off things. =


Sure we do! The money is so we can buy what we want!

  • A. (Let him dream, it seems to be making him happy) -
  • B. (Destroy his illusions now, it’s better that way) =

  • A. Do you want to switch? You wear the headphones and I listen with my head next to yours? =
  • B. (Sigh) =

I guess not, but it’s not as bad as some of the stuff you can see on TV...this is pretty low key! She was probably asked to pose like that so that the album will sell better!

  • A. I wouldn’t have accepted to do that... =
  • B. It’s still weird... She gives off the impression that she is beautiful and she knows it. =


Sorry to insist, but I really need to see him. Do you know where he is?

  • A. (Tell her where I think he is) (more dialogue with Nathaniel) =
  • B. (Send her in the wrong direction.) (more dialogue with Castiel) =

And do I intimidate you? Because you could have just asked me directly you know.

  • A. (Be frank) =
  • B. (Make up an excuse)


Censored Content

  • On Amour Sucre, when your Candy and Alexy overhear Amber and her friends talking about Deborah, Charlotte says: "Don't worry Amber, you are way classier than her! In my opinion, she seems like the type of girl who hangs around the streets at night for money!" The second line was removed from My Candy Love's release.
  • During this episode you might get a jealousy scene with Lysander while looking for Mr. Faraize with Armin. On Amour Sucre, Armin tells your Candy that Lysander seemed jealous, and adds: "If his eyes had been MG42 machine guns, not even Alexy would have been able to identify my body!" On My Candy Love, this was changed to: "He looked at me and his eyes lit up like laser beams! Ready to attack!"


  • Deborah's original nickname for Castiel was "Babe".
  • On Sweet Crush, Deborah's name is Debbie.