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Episode 16 - A Perfect Mask

QuotationM1 Deborah has proved to be a tough opponent. Who will be your allies? Will you be able to expose the truth to everyone at school? QuotationM2

A Perfect Mask is the 16th episode of My Candy Love. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Your Candy arrives to school the next day feeling uneasy due to her encounter with Deborah the day before. As fate would have it, the first person she sees that day is Deborah, who is acting overly cheery and causes your Candy to feel even more uncomfortable. Down the hall she spots Iris and Violette, which would explain why Deborah is putting on such a charade. Once she leaves, Iris approaches your Candy and is happy the two seem to be hitting it off well. Iris thinks your Candy and Deborah are alike, thinking that they both are friendly and ready to help anyone. Once she leaves, your Candy thinks about what she should do. Even though Deborah told her to keep quiet about their conversation yesterday, your Candy feels if she tells the others about it, that they will believe her. Your Candy runs into Melody, and she tries to explain to her about how Deborah is a manipulator. Melody doesn't believe your Candy, and she leaves feeling a little angry about your Candy's accusations against her friend. When your Candy runs into Alexy, she tells him about Deborah and the story she told her in Episode 15, but Alexy brushes it off and doesn't believe her. She then runs into Violette who, like the others, doesn't believe her. As your Candy enters the classroom, she sees Lysander, who tells her about how Castiel is feeling unsure and how he won't leave just yet, but it's not set in stone. The reason why he isn't at school is just because he was tired after the concert and wanted extra rest. When the duo part ways, your Candy runs into Kim who, once again, doesn't believe her story and thinks maybe it was just a joke. When your Candy runs into Deborah again, she acts "hurt" that your Candy would spread rumors about her. She pretends to be upset with these "false accusations" in front of the rest of the class, which makes your Candy look like a bully. Everyone takes Deborah's side, and Violette and Alexy help escort the crying girl away. Your Candy, feeling unsure and alone, flees to the courtyard and then to the locker room. Inside she sees Lysander, who sees she's pale and knows something must have happened. Your Candy has the choice to either tell him what happened or to brush it off. If she tells him the story, he will understand what happened and will tell your Candy that things will tide over by tomorrow. Your Candy agrees that going home will be best for now, and she heads off to the courtyard. There she runs into Rosalya, who has heard some of what has been happening. Luckily, she wants to hear your Candy's side of the story and once she does, she believes her. Rosalya warns her to be careful and that she'll investigate to find Deborah's weak spot. Rosalya offers for your Candy to join her, but she decides to take Lysander's advice and go home to rest. Before your Candy goes home she does a little shopping and buys herself a new outfit. She then goes home and rests for the night.

When your Candy arrives at school the next day, she feels alienated due to many people giving her mean looks. Armin tries joking with your Candy about the situation, but she's too down to play along. Armin apparently isn't on Deborah's side and even though he doesn't know the truth, at least he isn't against your Candy. Other friends of your Candy avoid being around her as the day goes on, even Iris, and your Candy feels even worse. She eventually runs into Kentin, who has heard a lot of bad things about her. He asks if she wants to talk about it, but your Candy doesn't want to right now. Your Candy then runs into Rosalya, who hasn't been able to do any research since she's been distracted. She tells your Candy to go see Castiel to understand why, but Castiel enters the classroom at that moment wearing his old clothes from when before your Candy attended Sweet Amoris. Both your Candy and Rosalya prefer his old outfit, but Castiel is unfazed. He wants them to leave the room since he has a meeting there and once he gets into a bad mood, your Candy and Rosalya leave. Rosalya explains to your Candy how the outfit Castiel's wearing is from when he was with Deborah and how she hopes he's not falling for her again. She also explains how she found the blog of one of Deborah's ex-guitarists and he had nothing good to say about her. Deborah had the article censored, so Rosalya contacted him to know the story. Apparently Deborah dated both the guitarist and the drummer at the same time to ask them if she could do interviews and photos alone instead of with the rest of the band. Since the guitarist left her band, Deborah will have trouble going on tour with only one band member, so she's looking for a replacement. After seeing him play in the concert, Deborah could see Castiel improved and wants him to join her band again to use him until she no longer needs him. Rosalya wants to find out more information and tells your Candy to stay out of trouble.

Your Candy doesn't want to sit around doing nothing while Rosalya is getting information, so she decides to find out information on her own from one source that was present during Deborah's first manipulation: Nathaniel. Before finding him, though, she checks up on Castiel to see how his meeting with Deborah went. He gets defensive again, however, and your Candy leaves after hearing that he believes the rumors about her. In the hallway, your Candy hears Iris and Violette talking about the situation together and how Alexy told everyone how your Candy was investigating Deborah yesterday to make her look bad, and your Candy regrets not going after him. Eventually, she runs into Lysander, who is worried about the change in Castiel. He also worries about your Candy and reassures her that she has people on her side. After a few hours, your Candy finally finds Nathaniel, who tells her that he knows Deborah is back and how people are avoiding your Candy. Your Candy wants his help in exposing the truth since Nathaniel has seen Deborah's evil ways, but he's been through enough with her and advises your Candy to just ignore her instead. She also worries for Castiel's sake, but Nathaniel sees it as him getting his just desserts. Nathaniel wants no part if getting involved with Deborah again and on that note, he leaves.

Your Candy feels she needs another ally she can rely on, but is unsure who would want to help her at this point. Although not the usual choice, she thinks of another person who also dislikes Deborah and may be willing to join the cause: Amber. Your Candy goes off to find Amber and runs into Lysander, who is surprised your Candy is looking for Amber of all people. He's unsure if asking Amber for help is a good idea, but your Candy still wants to try anyways. She then runs into Castiel, who is also surprised your Candy is looking for Amber. In the end, he warns her to be careful of what she asks for, otherwise she may regret her choice. Finally, she runs into Amber, who surprisingly doesn't believe Deborah and knows your Candy is innocent since she could tell Deborah was fake crying earlier. Your Candy asks her to help her beat Deborah at her own game, but Amber has a plan of her own and won't tell your Candy or let her join in. Amber has no intentions of helping your Candy and will use the situation to her advantage, instead. Once Amber leaves, she runs into Nathaniel, who is upset your Candy went to his sister for help. He tells her to give up on getting justice, but your Candy is determined to set things right. She storms out of the room before he can reply, and she feels a little relief from telling him how she feels.

Outside, she runs into Kim who says there's an interesting article in Peggy's newspaper, but your Candy will have to get her own copy since Kim is ignoring her. In the hallway, she runs into Iris, who is looking rather down. Your Candy asks what's wrong, in which she replies how learning a friend wasn't as nice as she thought makes her upset. It didn't upset her as much earlier, however, and your Candy wonders what made the change. Peggy then offers a newspaper to your Candy, in which she takes, and finds out the paper is about the stars of the concert. It includes the boys and Deborah, but Iris was excluded. Your Candy questions why Iris was left out, and Peggy replies that no one cares about her and that they only cared about the boys. Your Candy defends Iris, saying there couldn't have been a concert without her playing the bass, but it has no effect on Peggy. She then asks what Peggy does to make someone admit something, in which Peggy responds by saying it's best to lead them on discretely so they don't know they're being lead on. The best way is to record a conversation, though, so there's full proof of what had been said. Your Candy asks if she can borrow Peggy's voice recorder, but she doesn't agree and your Candy has to buy her own. Your Candy runs into Iris again, who says that she's not so worried about not being in the article as long as people she's close to know she was in it. Iris is happy your Candy was worried about her, though, and she thanks her before they part ways.

Once your Candy buys the video recorder, it's time to test it out to get the information she needs to expose Deborah. She goes off searching for Deborah, and finds Castiel again. She's not sure if it's a good idea to ask him if he's seen Deborah, but instead he asks her if she's read Peggy's article. Apparently it's the first time he's been in one of Peggy's articles since one she wrote about him and Amber. They part ways, and eventually she finds Deborah. Your Candy is quick to egg her on in hopes of Deborah spilling her secrets so she can record it, but Deborah acts sweet and innocent. Deborah then leaps at your Candy and takes the recorder out of her pocket, and promptly stops the recording. She explains how many people have tried to expose her using a tape recorder and when she replays it, it sounds like your Candy attacked her. She then takes the tape so that she can give it to Peggy and although your Candy tries to get it back, but Deborah pushes her down and leaves. Your Candy goes after Deborah, and runs into several classmates before finding out she's in the staircase with Peggy already. Your Candy is too late, and Peggy already is planning on using the tape for her next article. Even though your Candy tries to tell her side of the story, no one believes her.

Your Candy leaves the staircase feeling upset that things have only gotten worse, she she spots Amber with her friends leaving the bathroom while giggling. In their hands is a bucket of water, and your Candy asks them what they're doing. They won't tell her what's happening, but your Candy suspects they're pulling a prank. She gets curious and goes to see what will happen, and she runs into Nathaniel, whom she can either talk to or ignore. Either way, your Candy keeps looking for Amber until she runs into Castiel. He's still unsure about everything, and regrets not being at school when Deborah returned. Your Candy feels sorry for his troubles, but Castiel still lashes out and leaves. Back to following Amber, she spots them going up the stairs, so she follows. Upstairs, they wait by the window with the bucket of water and prepare to throw it down on someone, in which your Candy can try to stop them or let them do it. No matter what, Amber still throws the bucket of water down on Deborah and your Candy goes to the window to see the end result of the prank. Deborah thinks it's your Candy, and Amber's group is already gone. As your Candy flees, her name is called over the intercom, and she reports to the teacher's lounge. She's met with an angry principal and a soaking wet Deborah. Even though she defends herself, your Candy gets detention and leaves feeling like she's going to break down. She's then confronted by Castiel, who thinks she's the one who pulled off the toilet water prank. Your Candy tries to defend herself again, but Castiel yells at her instead and storms off. Your Candy then goes after him to try and make him understand, but he tells her to go away and pretend he doesn't exist. Your Candy's vision blurs as tears form in her eyes, and she calls Castiel an idiot before running away. If your Candy is close to Castiel, she'll hear him punch the wall as she leaves. At this point, your Candy runs into the boy she's closest to, and breaks down crying into their arms. Besides Castiel, the rest of the boys want to help your Candy, even Nathaniel, who was once not going to help. Once she calms down, she'll then tell them how everything is backwards and how everyone hates her. Rosalya will the show up, scolding your Candy for not staying out of trouble like she had told her. She does come with good news, though, saying how she's come up with a plan to expose the real Deborah to the rest of the school. She then says she wants to talk somewhere more secluded so no one else finds out about it, and your Candy agrees.

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

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For Candy
Dollars 80

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Locker Room
• Gift:


Official Episode Guide

Here is the guide for episode 16!

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : Looking for information

PART 2 : The journalist’s trick

PART 3 : Falsely accused


P A R T 1: 

Looking for information

In this episode, two illustrations are automatically available and one bonus illustration is available if you LOM is high enough with Castiel (at least 70). There is one outfit available but not possibility of a date.

After learning the truth about Deborah, you begin a new day at Sweet Amoris. You are bothered but don’t know how to get the truth out about Deborah’s departure and her break up with Castiel.

You immediately run into the source of all your problems: Debrah. There are two dialogues possible that will bring you to two different choices. (The following two choices are possible whether you choose to “Be honest” or “Play her game”.)

CHOICE 1 : Talk to the others.

CHOICE 2 : Change your strategy.

C H O I C E 1:

Talk to the others.

Your choice will unlock a new objective.

      ➜      Objective: Go try and warn the other students.

You have to talk to the other students. This objective will end with a dialogue with Deborah. You decide to hide in the courtyard where you unlock a new objective.

It won’t help anything to go into the main hallways, you will be automatically sent back to the courtyard.

You get back to the main storyline here.

C H O I C E 2:

Change your strategy.

Your choice will unlock a new objective.

      ➜      Objective: Follow Deborah wherever she goes.

You just have to follow Deborah around several rooms in the school...

It won’t help anything to go into the main hallways, you will be automatically sent back to the courtyard.

You get back to the main storyline here.

After a little altercation with your friends, you decide to go to the courtyard.

      ➜      Objective: Go to the locker room to unlock a dialogue.


Go directly to the locker room where an ally is waiting for you.

After a brief discussion that warms your heart, you must go back to the courtyard.

✔ Return to the courtyard.

On your way, you run into Rosalya who decides to help you get the truth out in the open. But before you must do a little shopping and rest!

      ➜      Objective: Find Rosalya to find out if she found anymore information about Deborah.

While looking for Rosalya, you meet several of your friends, who for the most part, don’t want to talk to you anymore. When you finally meet your ally, you make a very surprising discovery.

Once this objective is unlocked, take a few steps with Rosa to talk with her about something that just happened. The two of you decide that talking to Nathaniel is a good idea.

P A R T 2: 

The journalist’s trick

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Nathaniel.

While walking you can over hear some conversations, of which you are the subject and aren’t very nice, but also the boys with whom you can talk to you, good luck! Once you have talked to Nathaniel, make a move to unlock a new objective.

Talking with Nathaniel about Deborah was a good idea. But what is better than getting someone who hates her more than you to help catch her?

✔ Talk to Amber

You suggest an alliance with Amber, but she refuses.

      ➜      Objective: Try to find another idea by going to the school

You get a lecture from Nathaniel, and he isn’t happy you talked to his sister. Then you learn that a new school paper is out, Iris is… totally bothered. You understand why after reading a copy that Peggy gives you. She also gives you an idea to catch Deborah!


The power of words

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Iris and buy a voice recorder at the Dollar Shop.

You need to go to the Dollar Shop to buy the recorder that will allow you to record a conversation with Deborah. Then look for Iris in the school to talk to her about Peggy’s article.

After, look for Deborah in the school to confront her and record the conversation!

✔ Find Deborah and try to trap her.

Oops! That didn’t go at all as planned. The trick was turned against you and now she has the recording.

      ➜      Objective: Find Deborah, quick!

Kentin tells you he saw her with Peggy! You objective is validated but you have passed for the worst person ever in front of Peggy. You meet the trio of pests who seem to be planning a diabolical attack! You are curious to find out more!

P A R T 3: 

Falsely accused

      ➜      Objective: Try to see what Amber and her friends are preparing

This objective will allow you to unlock a new room in the school: Upstairs. The trio’s ideas is to dump a bucket of toilet water on the singer. You have two choices that will have consequences on the future dialogues.

CHOICE 1 : Stop them.

CHOICE 2 : Let them do it.

Whichever you choose, you will be accused of throwing the bucket of water and the principal is furious.

✔ Go to the hallways to go to the teachers' lounge.

Go to the hallway to open a dialogue with the principal and the “victim”. Then go back.


Come on... Admit it, this image makes you quite pleased!

✔ Go back to the hallway.

You meet Castiel, who is very angry about what just happened. Go to the staircase to unlock a final dialogue with him.

      ➜      Objective: Find Castiel near the staircase

He really doesn’t want to hear about Deborah’s real personality and thinks that you are guilty. You receive a first illustration here. Then you decide to leave, to sad because of this conversation.

If your LOM is at least 45 with Castiel, you will obtain a new illustration.

      ➜      Objective: Go to the school to unlock the final dialogue!

Walk in the main hallways to see an illustration with the boy you have the hightest LOM with (between Nathaniel, Armin, Kentin and Lysander).

That’s the end of this guide.

See you for episode 17 !

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered


If you’ve been looking for me for a while, it’s usually because you have something to ask me.

  • A. I could just want to see you. +
  • B. I could just want to bother you. =

No, it doesn't interest me that much.

  • A. But you just said that it made you curious! +
  • B. Oh, come on! (Take him by the arm and drag him off)

And just after you go see my sister to ask her for help!?

  • A. But it concerns your sister, not you... +
  • B. Oh, chill out! Not long ago you couldn’t stand her either! -

  • A. (Talk to him) -
  • B. (Ignore) =


I don’t see why I’m talking to the both of you. Just stop bothering me okay?

  • A. We were here first. -
  • B. Bothering you? +
  • C. Psh... C’mon Rosalya, it’s useless talking to him. -

I can handle it myself, unlike others, don’t worry about me.

  • A. It still affects me. =
  • B. As you like... Don't come complaining to me afterwards. -
  • C. Still, be careful... -

I don’t every pay attention to her. Why do you want to see her?

  • A. I have a favor to ask of her.
  • B. Do I ask you questions? +

It’s the first time since her article about Amber and I that I’m mentioned in the paper. It’s weird.

  • A. She wrote an article about you and Amber?
  • B. She doesn’t say anything mean about you, you’re lucky!
  • C. She often writes about my "adventures"... +

  • A. As long as you don’t fall back into her arms, everything will be okay. +
  • B. You should talk to her, maybe she’ll leave. -
  • C. I’m happy to see that you are at least a bit lucid. -


You should. When people at school made fun of me at our old school, it made me feel better to come to you. You were always so nice.

  • A. It wasn’t the same thing. +
  • B. That’s nice, but I still don’t want to talk about it. -

...B-Because I didn’t want one!

  • A. Ha ha! That’s so lame! -
  • B. I could have guessed. Your attitude is all just a show then!
  • C. I can imagine...You are hot now, girls must ask you out all the time. Like with Amber... +

You are like her now, so you want to become her friend?

  • A. No, that’s not what it’s about! =
  • B. How did you guess? -
  • C. You have really weird ideas sometimes... =


He was just a little tired after the concert. He is going to be here later today. The longer you stay in bed, the harder it is to get out!

  • A. That’s true (changed the subject with Violette) +
  • B. You have trouble getting up too? =
  • C. Maybe his bed is overly possessive... =

Are you sure?

  • A. (Tell him everything) =
  • B. (Fake a smile) =

She managed to play the situation to her advantage... I can imagine that even I would have gotten pulled in.

  • A. No, not you. You are too nice for that! -
  • B. I can imagine yeah... Good thing you weren’t there... =
  • C. I doubt it, you are someone who thinks before they act. +

That would be stupid of him... He was in really bad shape when she left. If I were him, I wouldn’t try it again. But enough about him. What’s going on with you? Are you feeling better? Less stressed?

  • A. How could anything have changed... =
  • B. I have a small hope. +
  • C. It’s worse than before... -

...What are you up to?

  • A. I’ll only speak about it in the presence of my lawyer. =
  • B. I just want to ask her for help. -
  • C. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. +

Really? I thought that... I mean, that you had a bad feeling about her.

  • A. To be honest, yeah, but I don’t really want to talk about it for now. +
  • B. Don’t worry, everything is okay! -


It was to get a reaction from you, but you are like a statue... You could have AT LEAST pretended! You should always laugh at a guys jokes! It’s like never asking a girl how much she weighs... these are the basics.

  • A. Sorry, I’m a bit... irritated. =
  • B. Alright, chill out! =
  • C. You sure can be sensitive... =

Ha ha! That explains everything now! That’s why he isn't so good with people.

  • A. You’re not that gifted either. -
  • B. Don’t make fun of him. It’s not his fault. +
  • C. I never thought about it like that...

Alexy told me, he was worried.

  • A. He’s just imagining things. -
  • B. He is so sensitive. =
  • C. He should mind his own business! =

She’s finally getting your attention then?

  • A. I prefer boys, not girls! (high L'o'M) + (- low L'o'M)
  • B. The only thing she’s getting is on my nerves. =

Shoot, I would have liked to see that!

  • A. I didn't think you were like that...
  • B. Stop, I'm going to end up jealous... =


Yeah, and we proved that you were just imagining things!

  • A. No, I wasn’t wrong. -
  • B. We haven’t proven anything! -
  • C. I thought so too, but... (more discussion) =

Who would divulge their wrongdoings to a little gossip like you?

  • A. She didn’t see me as a threat is all.
  • B. The bad guys in movies do it all the time! +

Ha ha, you get carried away quite easily! Do you have something to admit?

  • A. I thought you only joked around with Kentin... +
  • B. Shouldn’t you be the one answering that question!


Phew! I’d be really sad if she left now. It’s so nice to have someone new around!

  • A. Everyone would be better off if she wasn’t here, believe you me! -
  • B. You know Melody, she isn’t all that perfect, your Deborah... =
  • C. Sorry, but she is far from being as nice as you think. -


  • A. (Tell her) =
  • B. (Change the subject) =


I was excited to see you! We had fun yesterday, didn’t we?

  • A. No, not really. =
  • B. What are you talking about? =

Is something wrong {$Pseudo}? You have a funny look on your face.

  • A. (Play her game) =
  • B. (Tell her the truth) =

And do I intimidate you? Because you could have just asked me directly you know.

  • A. (Be frank) =
  • B. (Make up an excuse) =

  • A. (Tell the others) (more L'o'M options) =
  • B. (Change my strategy) =

  • A. (Get the truth out there once and for all) =
  • B. (Try to calm things down a bit) =


  • A. (Stop them!) = (+ with Kentin)
  • B. (Let them do it) (more dialogue) = (- possible)