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Episode 17 - A Shattered Mask

QuotationM1 If nobody is able to see the real Deborah, there is still time to get back at her. Discover Rosalya's plan and do everything in your power to make sure it works! QuotationM2

A Shattered Mask is the 17th episode of My Candy Love. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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After the incident where Castiel made your Candy cry, Rosalya came to her with a plan on how to stop Deborah. They decide to meet up at your Candy's apartment so they have more privacy. Rosalya decides to also invite Lysander, which makes your Candy nervous since she's never had a boy in her room before. While going off to find Lysander, your Candy runs into Castiel, whom she really doesn't feel like talking to. Castiel tries to talk to her, but she ignores him and walks away. After walking in the hallway she runs into Deborah, who taunts her about her quarrel with Castiel earlier before leaving. Your Candy then runs into Armin, who after telling him about meeting with Rosalya, wants to join the cause, as well, and come to the meeting after school. Armin goes off to tell Alexy, who is still on the fence on whose side to take, and after leaving the classroom, your Candy runs into Kentin. She tells him more about the situation and Kentin is ready to join her cause. He agrees to go to the meeting at your Candy's apartment this afternoon and the two part ways. Along the way she runs into Nathaniel, who is sorry about abandoning her earlier when she needed him most. With things now patched up between them, your Candy invites Nathaniel to come over to her house for the meeting to hear Rosalya's plan, in which he agrees to come. In the hallway, your Candy runs into Deborah again, and makes a witty remark about the toilet water incident and leaves. Finally, your Candy finds Lysander and she invites him to come to the meeting. He agrees, but has something to do before he can go and says that he will arrive at her apartment a little late.

Now with a variety of people willing to help her, your Candy happily leaves school. Rosalya is waiting for her outside the school and is surprised Lysander isn't with your Candy, but she explains how he had something to do first. She also informs Rosalya that other students will be joining them, as well, and the duo decide to walk through the city instead of take the bus to your Candy's apartment. Along the way they meet up with Armin, who is upset Alexy wouldn't hear him out about the situation. Rosalya now doesn't trust Alexy and warns Armin to be careful what he tells his brother, just in case he tells Deborah about their plan. Armin joins them on their walk and the group continue on. Rosalya then mentions how they should get some snacks for the meeting, and your Candy decides to go get some chips and drinks from the Dollar Store. When they arrive at the Dollar Store, Armin waits outside while your Candy and Rosalya get the snacks. If your Candy went by foot (and not just by clicking the map), she runs into Nathaniel, who was going to the Dollar Store getting something for his mother. Now that he has what he needs, he'll wait for your Candy in front of her apartment, and he leaves. In the store your Candy also runs into Nina, who saw Lysander getting some school supplies and began following him. Your Candy mentions how Lysander is going over to her place, and regrets it from seeing Nina's "evil" side come out. Your Candy grabs a package of cookies and checks out with all the snacks and they leave the store. When the group arrives at the apartment, Nathaniel and Kentin are already waiting. Now with everyone except Lysander present, the group goes up to your Candy's room. Rosalya finds her room cute and Armin is happy to see a portable game on the bed. Nathaniel seems less enthusiastic as seeing less books in her room and Kentin mentions how he would have given anything not long ago to be invited to her room. Rosalya then begins to nitpick through your Candy's wardrobe, and scolds her for not having good underwear to impress guys. Both your Candy and the boys become embarrassed, but Rosalya is unfazed and wants to go shopping with her sometime. Your Candy changes the topic to where Lysander is and decides to go find him. Outside, she runs into Nina, who is looking for Lysander. She runs off to find him before your Candy, and she follows suite to find him, as well. After retracing her steps, your Candy finds a piece of paper on the ground, which was the address she had given to Lysander. Since he really is lost, your Candy searches or him until she finally finds him. The duo make their way back to the apartment, but Nina is waiting for them there. After a bit, they get away from Nina and are able to go into the apartment.

Now that the group is together, it's time to get down to business. After passing out the snacks, Rosalya suggests your Candy tells everyone everything about the current situation. Your Candy retells what has been happening with Deborah up until this point, though she leaves out the part about Castiel making her cry. Armin wishes he could karate chop her into pieces like in the video games and Kentin agrees. Rosalya ignores them and explains how her plan is something that isn't violent and is something that is at Deborah's level. Rosalya's plan is to tempt Deborah with a manager who can promise her a chance to stardom, so she'll leave her current manager. The "better" manager won't actually be a real manager, but Leigh after a makeover. No one is sure if Leigh is a good choice for the job, but they agree to go through with the plan. It's decided that they'll split into two groups tomorrow: one to help with Leigh's outfit and the other to find out information about managers. Your Candy can choose to be in whichever group she prefers. If your Candy chooses to get the outfit, Nathaniel and Kentin will accompany her. If she chooses to find information, Lysander and Armin will be with her. While they do this, Rosalya will be prepping Leigh to become the perfect manager.

The next day after school, your Candy waits outside for the boys before taking a quick walk around the town. She runs into Iris, who noticed how discreet your Candy was today. Your Candy then returns to the school and the boys finally show up. If your Candy chose to the outfit, Nathaniel and Kentin will be waiting by the school. The trio walk through town to get to the park entrance, where your Candy has the chance to get closer to one of them. Once they arrive at the clothes shop, it's decided that Leigh will need a three piece suit and a pair of sunglasses. Nathaniel prefers a black suit while Ken prefers a grey suit, and your Candy can decide to go with one of them or have the boys try them on. They end up deciding on the black suit with a white shirt since it's classier. When they leave the store, Nathaniel decides to deliver the suit to Rosalya just in case Deborah spots him, it won't be suspicious. Kentin and Nathaniel argue about each other's attire and your Candy decides to go home. At home, your Candy decides to get a new outfit to be discreet, and she goes back to the Clothes Shop to pick up a new hoodie.

Now with a new outfit fitting for the occasion, your Candy arrives at school the next day. She runs into Peggy, who shows her the magazine that demonizes her, and your Candy calls her mean for doing so. She then runs into Castiel again, who is angry your Candy has been avoiding him. Once again, your Candy replies to him in a sarcastic tone and leaves him before he can reply. As luck would have it, your Candy runs into Amber, and she's still humored by the fact your Candy got the blame for the toilet water incident. Violette overhears and is surprised your Candy didn't defend herself against getting the detention, but she explains how no one would have believed her anyway. Once she parts with Violette, your Candy runs into Rosalya. She warns your Candy not to get into any trouble, and your Candy agrees to try her best. Castiel comes to talk to your Candy once more, and apologizes for being so harsh to her. Castiel feels he has the chance of a lifetime to join Deborah's band, but that your Candy is trying to get rid of Deborah by lying. Castiel still won't see your Candy's side, and so she leaves him again to think on her words. While walking in the hallway, suddenly your Candy is grabbed and pulled into a classroom. Before she can scream, she realizes it's Alexy. He explains how he had to lie to Armin so to not draw attention to himself since they were still in school, but he told the truth to him once they got home. Truth is, Alexy believes your Candy and doesn't trust Deborah. He felt staying on Deborah's good side would be more beneficial in the end and then brings your Candy in for a big hug. Alexy then leaves, and your Candy feels good knowing he's still her friend. Better, they even have a spy that Deborah doesn't suspect. When your Candy leaves the classroom, she runs into Armin, who saw Alexy leave the room. He forgot to tell her about Alexy not being on Deborah's side and then mentions how Rosalya wants them to meet at the park to begin the first phase of their operation. Armin decides not to go with your Candy since he hates the outdoors, and the two part ways. Your Candy leaves school and heads to the park to meet Rosalya. When your Candy arrives, she's met with Rosalya and the now "manager" Leigh. All they need to do now is introduce him to Deborah tomorrow by having him tell her that he has been interested in her music and was in the area, so he wanted to meet with her. This meeting will be made by Alexy, who will convince her that it's legit and since he's still on her good side, she wouldn't suspect him. The group will be hiding in a corner to watch the event unfold, and your Candy is excited for tomorrow. Your Candy goes back home and can't wait for tomorrow to come. Sadly, she gets in trouble by her parents for the detention and can't go out for a week, but she's still more positive to think this whole situation will be over soon.

The next day, your Candy arrives at school with butterflies in her stomach. She immediately runs into Alexy, whom she takes into a classroom and explains how she needs his help for the plan to work. Alexy agrees to help, and your Candy leaves to go fill in Rosalya and Armin on the situation. She finds them hiding behind the lockers and mentions how Deborah and Leigh are already further down the hallway. Rosalya wonders if she should join your Candy and Armin in watching the plan in action, since two people are more discreet than three. Your Candy can choose to have her accompany them or not. The group goes down the hallway and spots Leigh and Deborah talking. Leigh plays his part well and tries to hook Deborah with the promise of becoming more well known. Deborah is offended by his words, but Leigh makes a swift comeback. Deborah thinks about it, and puts her hand on him in a flirtatious manner. If your Candy chose to have Rosalya come with them, Rosalya becomes curious about what is happening. Your Candy can choose to let her see what's going on or not. If she chooses to let her see, Rosalya becomes furious and attempts to lunge at Deborah, but Armin holds her back. The trio flee the hallway so they aren't spotted by Deborah, though Rosalya still wants to attack Deborah. Your Candy decides to go back in the school, but feels it's best Armin stays behind to calm Rosalya down. Back in the hallway, Deborah and Leigh are still talking. Deborah wants to call her current manager, in which Leigh allows her five minutes. Your Candy follows Deborah and ends up running into Nathaniel. She explains how things are going, and Nathaniel mentions how once Deborah finds out she's been tricked, to lead her into the teacher's lounge since he's prepared something for her. Your Candy's not sure what he's up to, but she trusts him and goes off to find Deborah. In the classroom, Deborah is on the phone with her current manager. She wants her current manager to treat her career better, but things don't go well and she ends up leaving her manager. Deborah spots your Candy and brushes her off, thinking she has a new manager. Once Deborah leaves the classroom, Rosalya is ready to fight her. Deborah is confused as to why Rosalya claims she put her hands on her boyfriend. Rosalya then spills the beans about Leigh not being a manager and he apologizes for lying to her, but felt she needed a lesson. Deborah is furious, now knowing your Candy is behind this.

Your Candy runs for it, with Deborah hot on her heels. She runs into Kentin, who is curious to what she's doing, and when he learns she's running from Deborah, he tells her to go to the teacher's lounge for Nathaniel's surprise. Your Candy takes his advice and runs to the teacher's lounge, which is open for once. Deborah also enters the teacher's lounge and closes the door behind her. She's furious with your Candy and explains how she still has Castiel and will exploit him until she no longer needs him, like last time. To her, everyone at Sweet Amoris are idiots and she has them all fooled. Now Deborah is sick of your Candy's meddling and decides to fix things with force. She'll then hurt herself and pretend it was self defense, since everyone believes her. Before Deborah can do anything, she notices the announcement intercom light is on, so the whole school heard Deborah's speech. Nathaniel's trick seems to have worked, and your Candy takes off before Deborah can get over her shock. When she gets into the hallway, Deborah grabs her by the arm and raises her hand to hit your Candy, but Castiel stops her. Deborah tries her sympathy act once again, but this time it doesn't work. No one believes her lies anymore, and she leaves the school in tears. Castiel leaves, looking hurt, and your Candy decides to go after him. Along the way she meets up with other students and although your Candy tries to be positive, everyone is still feeling hurt and awkward about the whole situation. She runs into Lysander and tells him about how everyone is still avoiding her, and he goes off to do an errand. Your Candy still can't find Castiel, and runs into Nathaniel instead. He's happy his loudspeaker plan was successful and your Candy thanks him for his help. Alexy feels a little bad for Deborah, since she cried for real this time, and he hopes she'll learn from all this. Finally, after wandering around the hallway, she finds Castiel. He wants to be left alone, but your Candy doesn't want to leave him like that. When he walks away, she has the choice to insist she stay with him or to let him go. If she insists, she hugs him from behind and the two share a brief moment together.

Once Castiel leaves, your Candy has to attend her detention. She can't remember which room her detention is in, and Mr. Faraize tells her it's in Classroom A. He'll meet her there since he's in charge of detention, and the two part ways. When your Candy gets to the classroom, she sits down in a desk, and Lysander suddenly enters the room. He mentions how "they" have to act quickly, in which your Candy is confused as to what's going on. Iris, Melody, Kim, and Violette all enter the room; all of whom didn't have the courage to approach your Candy earlier. It was Lysander's idea that everyone see your Candy at the same time so that they can apologize for not believing her earlier. Your Candy is happy to see them and holds no grudge. Lysander suggest they leave before they get caught, and your Candy thanks him. Once everyone leaves, Mr. Faraize shows up and gives your Candy extra homework to do. Everything is falling back into place, and your Candy is relieved it's finally over.

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

Screenshot 82
For Candy
Dollars 100

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Classroom B
• Gift: Baseball Bat


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 17!

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : A Simple plan

PART 2 : The Social Wifiwork

PART 3 : Pretty (wo)men?

PART 4 : Spy Game

PART 5 : The life of “Deborah”


P A R T 1: 

A Simple Plan

During this episode, you can unlock all the illustration if you meet the criteria: correct choice of dialogue, high enough LOM...

Out of the five illustrations in this episode, two are given automatically.

The reign of Deborah seems to be coming to an end… You shed many tears and are exhausted, but at least you were able to rely on a pair of comforting arms. Now it’s time to finish this whole story with Deborah who is the cause of all your problems. Good thing Rosalya already has a plan!

You start the episode by talking with Rosalya about her plan. However, she prefers to talk about it outside of school. You decide to go to your house to talk about the plan. Rosa decides that the more hands the better, and asks you to find Lysander to invite him too.

      ➜      Objective: Ask Lysander to join you at your place

En route, you meet the boys who decide (or not) to help you with your plan. Of course, Castiel won’t help you with a plan against his ex, he actually doesn’t know anything about it! Once you find your recruits for the Anti-Deborah plan, you finally meet Lysander. The objective will be completed and it’s now time to go home.

      ➜      Objective: Go to the courtyard to leave the school.

Once you are in the courtyard, you discover a new map of the city. Sweet Amoris isn’t just a building in the middle of nowhere, there are lots of stores! If you want you can go directly home by taking the bus, it costs 5 AP, but you might miss out on extra dialogues if you do!

In front of your house, you decide, with Rosa and Armin, that some having some snacks for the meeting wouldn’t be a horrible idea while organizing your “plan”.

✔ Go to the Dollar Shop in the game (not in the city) to buy something to eat.

Go to the Dollar Shop. On the way you will meet a former acquaintance who, as usual, is following someone you know quite well. You accidentally let her know that “he” will be at your house… What a mistake!

The objective will be validated once you pay for the snacks!

      ➜      Objective: Bring Rosalya in front of your apartment to meet everyone

Once you are in front of your house, you meet Kentin. With Armin and Rosalya you decide to go up to your room. After cleaning up after hurricane Rosalya, you realize that Lysander still hasn’t arrived and leave to go look for him.

      ➜      Objective: Lysander hasn't arrived at your place yet. Go in front of the school to see if he isn't waiting there.

To go in front of the school, go through the town to find the handsome victorian. Baladez-vous dans la ville afin de savoir où peut bien être le beau victorien. Rendez-vous en priorité au lycée.

✔ He isn't in front of the school, try to find him around your apartment.

You find the paper with your address. Go to the park to find Lysander who hasn’t moved because it’s “the best way to find someone who is lost”. You will continue with two objectives.

✔ Now that you are with Lysander, return in front of your apartment

✔ Don't waste anymore time and go to your room in the game!

Once you find Lysander, return in front of your apartment where your friends and another “surprise” are waiting. Afterwards, go up to your room. Once you finish talking about the plan, everyone leaves your place.


We would have liked to avoid her...

✔ Go in front of your apartment building to say goodbye to your friends.

After you talk with Rosalya in front of your place, you will have two choices:

CHOICE 1: Look for information at school

CHOICE 2: Take care of Leigh’s outfit

P A R T 2: 

The Social Wifiwork

Remember your choices

CHOICE 1: Look for information at school

CHOICE 2: Take care of Leigh’s outfit

C H O I C E 1:

Look for information at school

This choice will allow to you to have extra conversations with Lysander and Armin.

Your mission will take place the following day with Lysander and Armin.


Your knights in shining armor!

      ➜      Objective: Go to the school to unlock a new dialogue with the boys.

Walk around until you meet your partners and collect information. You decide to go to the library to do some research about Deborah’s world. The room is upstairs and after the events from the day before the principal is on edge and refuses to let you access the library.

✔ Go back to the courtyard and wait for the principal to leave.

Go to the courtyard, where you can decide to talk to Armin, Lysander or both of them.

CHOICE 1 : Get close to Armin.

CHOICE 2 : Get close to Lysander.

CHOICE 3 : Get close to both guys.

Choices 1 and 2 will allow you to have exclusive dialogues with the boy you want to get close to. Choice 3 will allow you to talk with both guys. Once you are finished talking, you wait patiently for the principal to leave.

      ➜      Objective: The second floor is empty, go back!

Once you finish your research on… Wifipedia...You leave and have the possibility to unlock an additional dialogue with the boys.

✔ Unlock a new dialogue with the boys

After this, you simply need to go home to finish the day.

      ➜      Objective: Go in front of your apartment to finish the day.

Like a true Candygirl, you decide to put on a more appropriate outfit to get ready for the next day… Now, you are ready to put THE PLAN into action.


You get back to the main story (Part 4) here.

P A R T 3: 

Pretty (wo)man

Remember your choices

CHOICE 1: Look for information at school

CHOICE 2 : Take care of Leigh’s outfit

C H O I C E 2:

Take care of Leigh’s outfit

This choice will allow to you to have extra conversations with Kentin and/or Nathaniel.

/!\Depending on your previous choices, Nathaniel may not be here during this part of the episode. /!\

Your mission will take place the next day with Kentin and/or Nathaniel.


Your knights in shining armor!

      ➜      Objective: Take a walk in town while waiting for everyone to join you.

Go into town to unlock a few dialogues with the high school students, then return in front of the school. The boys will be there waiting for you.

✔ Find the clothes shop, buy a costume for Leigh.

En route, you can unlock new dialogues, but you have to make a choice.

CHOICE 1 : Get close to Nathaniel. (Only if Nathaniel is with you)

CHOICE 2 : Get close to Ken.

CHOICE 3 : Stay alone.

Choices 1 and 2 will allow you to have exclusive dialogues with the boy you want to get close to. Choice 3 will allow you to talk with both guys. Once the dialogue have passed, go to the stores to complete your objective. The action will but automatic.

✔ Unlock a new dialogue.

Take a few steps to unlock a dialogue and validate your objective. Kentin (and Nathaniel?) decide that you won’t give the suit to Rosalya because it will be too suspicious. Afterwards, you go home to finish the day.

      ➜      Objective: Go in front of your apartment to finish the day.

Like a true Candygirl, you decide to put on a more appropriate outfit to get ready for the next day… Now, you are ready to put THE PLAN into action.


You get back to the main story (Part 4) here.

P A R T: 4

Spy Game

      ➜      Objective: Ask Rosalya if she has everything she needs.

You run into your friends and continue to ignore Castiel. Rosalya tells you that the plan is alrmost ready, she is just waiting for Leigh… The hour of vengeance is approaching!

✔ Go walk around the school until something happens.

Effectively, something does happen. First, you have a big discussion with Castiel. The debate is heated and you get certain things out in the open… Unfortunately it’s not enough. Next, you are snatched by an old friend, who gives you an explanation worthy of “The Days of our Lives” or some other soap opera...

You automatically unlock an illustration

After this dialogue with Alexy, he tells you to go talk to Armin, which you hurry to do.

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Armin.

Armin tells you that “you know what” is ready. You just need to go to the park. Armin is allergic to anything green and decides not to go with you.

      ➜      Objective: Go back to the courtyard to leave the school.

Go to the courtyard and you will automatically leave the school to access the city. Go to the park where Rosa is waiting for you… She is not alone.


Here comes the man in black!

The plan is ready but you need to rest before the final attack. Go home and rest, tomorrow is another day...

✔ Go to your bedroom in the game to go to the next day.

Go in front of your place to go back to the school. You decide to tell Alexy about the plan. You need someone to serve as bait and he would be perfect for the role.

      ➜      Objective:  Tell Alexy about your plan!

Explain to Alexy that he has to present Leigh to Deborah for the plan to work… Without him, all is lost. He accepts and you leave him to complete his mission.

P A R T 5: 

The Life of “Deborah”

      ➜      Objective: Join Armin and Rosalya in the hallway.

Your camarades are waiting for you, the plan has begun and Deborah is talking to the “manager” Leigh. Rosa is wondering if she should come...

CHOICE 1 : Come with us anyway!

CHOICE 2 : Oh, yeah, you're right, I'm going to go alone with Armin.

Depending on your choice, you will obtain an additional illustration. After a conversation, Deborah leaves to make a call.

If you make choice 1, you will unlock, during this scene, a new objective: Go back to the hallway to continue listening to Deborah.

      ➜      Objective: Follow Deborah to overhear her phone conversation.

On your way, you meet Nathaniel, who tells you to go in the teacher’s lounge after the plan. Deborah is in one of the rooms. She catches you listening and tells you not to worry about her relationship with her manager. You learn that she leaves him… Your plan worked!

✔ Get out of the room.

Once you leave the room, you unlock automatically a dialogue with Deborah… She doesn’t seem to take it very well… RUN!!


This time they aren’t fake tears.

      ➜      Objective: RUN!

Head to the teacher’s lounge to find out Nathaniel’s plan and the result!

      ➜      Objective: It's better not to leave Castiel alone, go talk to him.

You run into different students in the school who still seem to be avoiding you! After a while you finally find Castiel. Now you must go to have your detention, but you don’t know where to go.

✔ Find where your hour of detention will take place.

You need to talk to Mr. Faraize to find out where your detention takes place.

✔ Go to Classroom A to finish the episode!

In Classroom A, you find the Mr. Faraize hasn’t yet arrived, but some unexpected visitors join you for a moment.

You automatically unlock on illustration!

That’s the end of this guide!

See you for episode 18!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


I should have supported you long before, I’m sorry.

  • A. True... After thinking about it, I’m not sure if I can forgive you! =
  • B. You had your reasons... They weren’t very good, but we won’t dwell on it. =


  • A. If that’s what you wanted to say, then I forgive you. =
  • B. No, I don’t forgive you, you were really not cool this time. -

Are you saying that I’m a jerk?

  • A. Yes! =
  • B. No, I’m sorry. I got a little carried away...

I deserved it. Will you forgive me? A selfish, cowardly, jerk still has hidden qualities...right?

  • A. I guess... Okay. +
  • B. No. You should have thought of that before. I don’t want to see you anymore.

Ha ha! Well, that’s not really a place for books!

  • A. I like to study at the foot of my bed! =
  • B. It’s so I can read before I go to sleep! +
  • C. You sound like my mother! -

Me too... I would like to be alone with you.

  • A. Too bad Kentin is here...
  • B. Oh yeah? That wouldn’t bother me at all.
  • C. If you asked me out, we could be alone on other occasions! +

Exactly, because he is a creep, you shouldn’t have to talk to him more than necessary. You don’t need him, I’m here for you.

  • A. But I like Castiel a lot...
  • B. I know, and I don’t have the intention of talking to him, don’t worry. I ignored him yesterday.
  • C. But, the poor guy... He is being manipulated! +

That’s true, we are going to spend the day together, might as well have fun!

  • A. Too bad Kentin is here... - (+ high affinity)
  • B. You think this will take the whole day? +

I never thought I would meet somebody more conscious than me! We will be as fast as possible, don’t worry! You’ll have time to finish your homework. And if not, I’ll help you tomorrow morning before class!

  • A. I’ll make sure to procrastinate then!
  • B. Thanks! That’s reassuring! =

What made you want to go against Deborah? Wouldn’t it have been easier to act like she never told you anything?

  • A. I’m not the type of person to let someone walk all over me.
  • B. I thought about it, and then I decided to do the opposite.
  • C. I don’t know... I must be crazy. +

I finished a book yesterday and now I don’t know what to read now... Could you suggest something to me?

  • A. I don’t know, I don’t really have time to read. =
  • B. A police novel! Nothing is better! +

When I heard Deborah earlier on the loud speaker, I couldn’t hold back the laughter!

  • A. It was a great idea! +
  • B. Yeah, we would have managed to unmask her without you though. -


Listen to me already! I-I, I’m sorry. I got carried away, I should never have told you that.

  • A. Let me go! =
  • B. That’s too easy, I will never forgive you! =

  • A. (Good for him, I hope I made him the most uncomfortable as possible!) =
  • B. (I really wish he would understand…) =

On the contrary. That’s exactly what I need.

  • A. (Leave him alone for once.) =
  • B. (Insist) (Illustration) =


This does not upset me, I just wonder what can push you to invite boys home…

  • A. (Make him jealous) -
  • B. (Explain the situation) =

You seem to find everything I lose.

  • A. It must be a sign! =
  • B. Yeah, it’s getting annoying... -

  • A. (Look over his shoulder) - (+ 70+ affinity)
  • B. (Leave him alone) =

She doesn’t want any mayhem in her establishment…her reaction is normal.

  • A. But I didn’t do anything! =
  • B. It still doesn’t help us out! -
  • C. So you mean to say that I’m a bad seed... +


Because Lysander talked about it too...And he was quite bothered by the whole thing.

  • A. And me? I was bothered since the beginning! =
  • B. Lysander? You saw him? I’m looking for him! -


  • A. Why are you smiling? +
  • B. Is there a problem? -

Yeah...Well, a bit of calm isn’t bad either.

  • A. Do you want me to leave you alone? =
  • B. You shouldn’t have offered to come with me then! -
  • C. You’ve become a real killjoy...

Did you miss me, you know, while I was at military school?

  • A. Yes, of course! -
  • B. No, not really. = (+ if you had the teddy on dresser)

Yeah, I didn’t have the courage to come talk to you, I thought that you would prefer being alone.

  • A. And I thought that you were less timid than before! +
  • B. Ha ha, you are cute! -
  • C. I could have waited a while then...

So you are going to forgive him?

  • A. I don’t know... I’ve been avoiding him up until now.
  • B. We’ll see how things go. -
  • C. I don’t know if he will ever come apologize, so... +

The gray one is nice too.

  • A. I prefer the black one! =
  • B. I don’t know...We’ll have to try them on! (Illustration) =
  • C. I prefer the gray one! =

Maybe you feel a little guilty to have hurt that girl? Even if she deserved it.

  • A. When she really cried, it really got to me... =
  • B. No, of course not! She got just what she deserved! +
  • C. Or, I’m disappointed to not have done more... I don’t understand...


Yeah... I wasn’t too smart before, I should have listened to what you had to say before assuming anything... Well, I didn’t hate you or anything, so I guess it’s not that big a deal... Right?

  • A. Of course it is! Seeing that you were so causal about the whole thing was the worst part! -
  • B. You were true to yourself... I can’t really say that I was surprised. -
  • C. I did think that you would trust me, so I was a bit disappointed... =

I just talked to my brother and that CREEP didn’t want to listen! He told me the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard him say! This, even after his Kim Possible stage!

  • A. You don’t like Kim Possible? I like it... +
  • B. H-He really didn’t believe you? But you are his brother... =

Who do you take Alexy for? He would help his greatest enemy, but even if he doesn’t believe me, he would never share the things I tell him.

  • A. Still, be careful what you tell him... You never know, he could let one little thing slip out and everything would fall apart. -
  • B. But he hasn’t been himself lately... It’s not normal that he believes Deborah and not his friend or brother... +

  • A. On the other hand... It could have been the perfect crime. -
  • B. On the other hand... We could have found an alibi. +

Not you? She yelled at you for something you didn’t do!

  • A. She doesn’t know that, it’s not her fault! -
  • B. Of course I’m mad, but I’m keeping myself contained! +
  • C. Honestly? I don’t care.

But I have already done a "Back Flip" to my computer... But it was the computer’s fault, it was lagging...

  • A. Lagging? What does that mean? -
  • B. Would that be more your connections fault? =


Sorry! I’ve wanted to do that for days!

  • A. It’s really not fair! Why do you like boys...? +
  • B. So, why did you wait so long?
  • C. Oh... I almost escaped it then... =

I know... but she must have felt so alone, like you before she got caught. You should understand, right?

  • A. Yeah... but it won’t change anything, she really deserved it. =
  • B. I have a hard time being compassionate for a girl like her.. =


So {$Psudeo}, what do you want to do tomorrow?

  • A. Help find Leigh’s suit. (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Look up information about managers at school. =

Uh, well, two people hiding is more discreet than three.

  • A. Come with us anyway! (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Oh, yeah, you’re right, I’m going to go alone with Armin. =

Closer? Meaning? Let me see!

  • A. (Stay where I am.) =
  • B. (Move over to let her see) (Illustration) =


Since you don't want to tell me, I'll just go ask Lysander! I'll find him first and he will tell me everything, and I'll give him a hug to thank him!

  • A. Uh! Don't touch him! =
  • B. If that makes you happy... +

  • A. (Take Lysander by the arm and move him away) = (- with Lysander if L'o'M with him is low.)
  • B. (Let her hug him.) =



  • In Episode 6, your Candy helped (or didn't help) Leigh with his situation with Rosalya because he wasn't a student at Sweet Amoris and couldn't go into the school to talk to her. In this episode, however, he has no trouble entering the school even though he looks more suspicious in the manager attire.

Censored Content

  • At your Candy's home, after she explains her side of the story, Rosalya asks if anyone needs any other information, to which Armin asks: "Where can you get a gun?" Your Candy tells him: "I... I think carrying a weapon is not legal... Especially not for a high school student..." Rosalya then explains why it's important to stay calm, to which Kentin adds: "Nevertheless, the gun is not a bad idea. It's the radical way of 'neutralizing'." On My Candy Love, this dialogue was changed to Armin saying: "Times like this make me wish I could karate chop her to pieces, like in my games." To which your Candy says: "W-Well, that may be a bit too much, Armin..." and Kentin adds: "Right, but karate isn't such a bad idea. Anything to bring her down is fine by me."
  • When looking for information at school with Armin and Lysander, Armin says: "Why would we waste our time on books when we can just use Google?" and "Like I said, the only encyclopedia you need is Wikipedia!" in the original version. On My Candy Love, he says 'Gooble' and 'Wifipedia' instead of Google and Wikipedia. A possible reason for this might be due to the difference in copyright laws when it comes to using trademark names.