Adelaide is Nathaniel and Amber's mother, and Francis' wife. She is a former model, and first appears in Episode 21 and bears a strikingly similar appearance to Amber.


Adelaide has straight blonde hair and green eyes. She has a thin body and wears a long magenta colored dress with a pink shawl around her shoulders, and a gold round necklace.


Francis and Adelaide are both rather strict parents, and somewhat arrogant.

Although not as strict as her husband, she is very strict with Nathaniel, but seems far less strict with Amber.

She even considers it a strange way of thinking when other parents say it's better to give their children more freedom and let them learn from their mistakes.

In episode 30, she makes it clear that she is very angry with your Candy due to what happened in episode 23.


Adelaide first appears in episode 21. Your Candy sees her in the city with Amber, as she is taking her to the hairdresser. As she worked as a model in the past, she still has some connections with hairdressers and such. Amber looks up to her, and is thrilled when people tell her she looks like her mother.

It is revealed in early episodes that she is allergic to cats, hence why Nathaniel can't have a cat, although he would like one.



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  • On Amour Sucre, Adelaide's name is spelled "Adélaïde".
  • Her birthday is close to Melody's.[citation needed]


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