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Episode 10 - Back to School

QuotationM1 Summer vacation has come to an end and all the students are on edge. Between test results and preparing the orienteering race, everyone is pretty busy! There is also a new student to meet! QuotationM2

Back to School is the tenth episode of My Candy Love. It was originally released on August 29th, 2012. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Now that summer vacation is over, your Candy is back in school wishing it wasn't over so she could stay home a little longer. She looks back on whichever boy she saw at the beach before she thinks about how well she did on the exams. The grades are posted in the Student Council Room and she goes off to check her grade. Once in the Student Council Room, your Candy is met with Melody, who asks her how her vacation was. Your Candy replies that it was good before asking if she knows where the exam grades are posted. Melody heard Mrs. Shermansky was going to post the grades soon, but she seemed very busy. Your Candy decides to come back later and asks Melody to let her know when they've been posted. Just as your Candy leaves the Student Council Room, Peggy stops her and asks her how her vacation was and if she has any information she can give her. Your Candy doesn't give Peggy much information and Peggy leaves to go find out any information your Candy may have held back on. If your Candy goes back to the Student Council Room, Melody tells your Candy that the principal still hasn't posted the grades. Your Candy asks what she thinks may be troubling the principal, thinking she may have lost her dog again, but Melody thinks it has something to do with the administration. When your Candy leaves the room and goes back in, Melody informs her that Nathaniel passed by and mentioned how the problem the principal is having is with organization. Your Candy worries the grades won't be posted, but Melody reassures her that they will be. Your Candy has to wait for the grades to be posted and as she goes into the hallway, the intercom goes off. All students are asked to go to Classroom B and your Candy goes there to find out what's going on. In the classroom, the principal is there and doesn't look as stressed as Melody made her out to be at first, but she gets aggravated quickly and your Candy knows Melody was right. The principal explains how the school is organizing an orienteering race that will take place next week. The postings for the race and the exam grades are behind schedule so the students are asked to help out. Once everyone is done helping out, they can go to Nathaniel to get a note so they can go home early. Your Candy has the option to help with the orienteering race or with the exam results. Once your Candy makes her choice, she heads off to the Courtyard to wait for the other classmates who choose the same option as her.

If your Candy chose to help with the exam results, she goes to the Courtyard to wait and thinks about what exactly they'll be doing to help. Rosalya shows up in the Courtyard in a sour mood, wishing she hadn't gone to school that day so she wouldn't have to help with either option. Charlotte also arrives to help with the exam results, although she is a bit cold toward your Candy. Melody is next to arrive and is actually looking forward to helping with the exam results. The last student to arrive is Castiel, who was forced to help with the exam results due to the slots for the orienteering race being filled up. Castiel hands the list of what they need to do to your Candy, who reads over the instructions. They need to find posters in the Teacher's Lounge and hang them in the hallway, bring the exam folder with the results to Classroom B, and prepare the room for people who need to retake the exam. In order to help break down the workload, everyone works with a partner to make it go quicker. Your Candy has the choice to choose Castiel, Charlotte, Melody, or Rosalya as her partner. No matter who her partner is, your Candy and her partner will be tasked with getting the posters and putting them up in the hallway. When they arrive at the Teacher's Lounge the room is locked, so they need to find a teacher to let them in. When they run into Mr. Faraize, he seems like he's in a rush and can't open up the door himself so he gives your Candy the keys. Your Candy and her partner then go into the Teacher's Lounge and take the posters. With the posters in hand, the duo stick them in the hallway and staircase. Along the way they run into Lysander, who gives them forms to fill out for the orientation race so they can participate. Once your Candy and her partner put up posters in the main hallway, the second hallway, and the stairwell, they part ways and your Candy goes to return the keys to the Teacher's Lounge.

If your Candy chose to help with the orienteering race, she goes to the Courtyard to wait for the other students. Kim is the first one to arrive and is optimistic about helping with the race. Amber also chose to help with the orienteering race, although your Candy feel unsure of how to feel about it. If your Candy chose to put laxatives in her water before they took exams, Amber will mention revenge, which worries your Candy. Li also tagged along with Amber to help with the orienteering race before Violette arrives to help, as well. The last person to arrive is Lysander, who apologizes for being a little late. He also brings the list of things they have to do to help which includes helping Mr. Faraize contact other schools, hanging up banners in front of the high school to announce the race, and passing out forms for the race to other students. Your Candy suggests getting into smaller groups so things will go quicker, and she has a choice to choose Violette, Kim, or Lysander as her partner. Amber and Li automatically team up to take care of hanging up the banner in front of the school. Your Candy and her partner have the task of distributing forms to the other students, so they head off to the Teacher's Lounge to get them. The room is unlocked, so the duo take the forms and go back to the hallway. The principal asks them if they found what they needed, in which they did, so she decides to close the Teacher's Lounge. Your Candy and her partner have to distribute the forms to Capucine, Castiel, Charlotte, Rosalya, and Melody. Along the way they run into Rosalya, who is in a sour mood since she needs to get posters from the Teacher's Lounge, but it's locked. Melody tries to calm down Rosalya, and your Candy tries to give them both a form to fill out. Before she can, Rosalya spots Mr. Faraize and she takes off with Melody in tow before your Candy can give them their forms. They then run into Castiel, and they give him the form. Capucine doesn't want to participate in the race and declines taking the form, but your Candy has her take it anyway. The last two that need forms are Rosalya and Melody, and once she finally has the keys, your Candy is able to give them both forms. With the forms passed out, your Candy and her partner part ways.

Now that your Candy has finished helping the principal, she decides to go see if the exam grades are available. When she enters Classroom B, your Candy immediately looks at her exam score. The score she got depends on what answers she chose for the exam in Episode 8. Once she sees her grade, your Candy goes to find Nathaniel so she can get the authorization not to leave school early. When your Candy enters the Student Council Room, Nathaniel is helping someone else so she leaves to wait her turn. When she returns, Nathaniel is alone and can get the authorization note. With the note in hand, your Candy leaves the room and is ready to go home. As she enters the Courtyard, a boy she doesn't recognize asks her where the principal's office is. Your Candy tells him it's in the school near the Teacher's Lounge, but the boy just arrived and doesn't even know where the restrooms are. Since he's lost, your Candy decides to show him where to go and the boy is grateful for her help. When the two arrive to the room, your Candy isn't sure if the principal is still there. The boy says he'll wait and questions if your Candy is normally the only person in the school. She explains how today everyone got to leave early, and the boy thinks it's cool. Your Candy then welcomes him to the school and he thanks her before sitting down against the wall to wait for the principal. Your Candy thinks about how she wasn't aware there would be a new student and it reminds her of when she first started out there. Your Candy then leaves to go home and looks back on how she forgot to ask the boy his name. She decides she'll ask tomorrow and goes home. She has her parents sign the slip for the orienteering race and puts it in her bag so she won't forget it.

The next day, your Candy arrives at school and needs to drop off the completed form for the orienteering race to a teacher. When she asks Nathaniel about it, he explains how someone from outside the school is coming to help with the race and they're suppose to give the form to him, but Nathaniel doesn't know where he is. If she runs into Lysander, he feels like he's forgotten something and when your Candy mentions the orienteering race form, he replies that Castiel called him to remind him about it so it must be something else. Your Candy and Lysander part ways before she runs into Castiel. He says how he turned in his form to a weird guy in Classroom B, but he may not be there anymore. Your Candy thinks the weird guy Castiel mentioned is the new guy she met yesterday and finds it odd they'd have a new student taking care of the forms. Your Candy goes to the Gymnasium and instead of finding the new boy, she meets a man named Boris who is the one collecting the forms and is helping with the race. After handing him the form, your Candy has to pay a $50 fee to participate. Boris then asks her about getting a teammate and he explains how everyone needs a teammate to participate. She'll have to return to Boris as soon as she finds a teammate, and your Candy goes off to ask the boy of her choice. She can choose to ask Lysander, Nathaniel, or Castiel. If she left them for Dakota at the beach, however, they'll refuse to be her teammate. Once your Candy asks the boy of her choice, she goes back to Boris to let him know who her teammate is. Everything for the orienteering race is now all set.

Outside, your Candy bumps into the principal, who talks about the exam scores. If your Candy's exam scores were perfect, she doesn't have the choice to retake them and will help students retaking the exam. If she passed with a good grade, she can either retake the exam or help other students. If she failed the exam, she has to retake it. Your Candy goes to the Classroom A and gets direction from Charlotte as to what to do. If your Candy passed the exam and is helping out, she chooses to help tutor in either English or math. If she chooses math, she helps Iris. If she chooses English, she helps Kim. Your Candy needs to answer all the questions correctly in order to complete the tutoring. Once she's done helping, your Candy decides to leave since she has nothing else to do there. If your Candy needs to retake the exam she will choose to work on either Math or English. Is she chooses Math, she is tutored by Melody. If she chooses English, she is tutored by Nathaniel. Once she finishes, she gets her new grade and can leave the room.

With nothing else left to do, your Candy decides to find the new boy to see if she can at least find out his name. When she runs into Castiel, he remarks how he saw a boy wearing flashy clothing and your Candy asks where he saw him. Castiel replies how she can't miss him and Lysander asks them what they're talking about. When your Candy says they're talking about the new student, he remarks how he's not dressed weirdly. Your Candy goes off to find the new boy and runs into Nathaniel. Even he didn't know there was a new student, but with all the organizational problems as of recent, things have been too chaotic in the school for him to be informed. Your Candy goes into the hallway wondering why she can't find the new boy and thinking how it's possible he already left the school. Suddenly, who she thinks is the boy from earlier asks her where the Student Council room is, in which she hesitantly tells him. He thanks her and leaves, but your Candy stops him. She's confused because the boy looks the same as the boy she saw yesterday, but his hair is a different color and his clothes are different. The door behind the new student then opens and the boy from yesterday appears. Your Candy realizes they're twins and one of them mentions how they don't look that similar, in which your Candy doesn't agree. The boy she met today introduces himself as Armin and introduces his brother, they boy she met the day earlier, as Alexy. Your Candy also introduces herself, and the twins are happy to have met her. Alexy asks about getting a photo ID and if it's mandatory, and your Candy replies it is and how she had to so the same thing when she was a new student, too. When asked, she says that she hasn't been at Sweet Amoris for a long time and how upon entering, she had to find a paperclip. Alexy says he has to find one, too, and your Candy volunteers to find one for him. While she does that, the two brothers go off to get their picture taken. Your Candy finds a paperclip and proceeds to try finding the brothers to give it to them. Before she can find them, Rosalya stops her and asks her to give the principal her excuse form to get out of participating in the orienteering race. Your Candy agrees and promptly delivers it to the principal like she was asked. The principal accepts the form and right after, Armin shows up with the photos to give the principal. Your Candy gives him the paperclip and he's able to hand in the forms. Now that his file is in order, Armin decides to go home and your Candy follows suit.

Before your Candy can leave, however, she's stopped by Alexy, who is wondering if she's seen his brother. When she says he's gone home, Alexy is disappointed because they were suppose to go clothes shopping together. If your Candy replies that Armin just forgot or that liking to shop is rare for a guy, Alexy and her will banter momentarily before parting ways. If she replies that in her opinion he didn't want to go shopping, however, your Candy changes clothes and Alexy explains how Armin doesn't like shopping and has no sense of fashion. Alexy is even the one who picks out Armin's clothes. Alexy then asks your Candy is she'd like to go shopping with him, in which your Candy happily agrees. The duo go to the boutique and Alexy picks up various clothes to try on. He gives your Candy his headphones and jacket to hold onto as he tries things on and in the end, he ends up putting all the clothes back. Alexy then looks at some dresses he thinks would look great on your Candy and he gives her one of them for being so nice to him. She gets the choice to pick one of three different dresses. Your Candy tries the dress on and Alexy thinks she looks very cute in it. The duo stay together awhile longer before they go their separate ways to go home.

At home, your Candy wonders about the orienteering race and thinks about where it will take place. She hopes she'll have a good time with her teammate and is excited for the event.

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

Date Outfit Episode 10
For Alexy
Dollars 65

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Staircase
• Gift: Gold Graduation Hat
Get a perfect score on the exam
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Staircase
• Gift: Simple Graduation Hat
Pass the exam without a perfect score
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Staircase
• Gift: Book
Fail the exam

Hidden Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Alexy Gift empire waist dress
Empire Waist Dress
Given to you by Alexy
Alexy Gift Dress with pockets
Dress with Pockets
Given to you by Alexy
Alexy Gift ripped dress
Ripped Dress
Given to you by Alexy


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 10!
(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : Introduction (same for everyone)

PART 2 : (Choice) Help with the exams

PART 3 : (Choice) Help with the race

PART 4 : End of the episode (same for everyone)


P A R T 1:


Back to school after that day at the beach! Nothing special about this episode, the choices and consequences remain basic. The only thing to remember is that there are only two illustrations to unlock (none of these illustrations are unlocked with the Castiel, Nathaniel, Lysander trio.):

  -      One is obtained during the episode
  -      the other is won during your date, correct outfit choice + correct dialogue choices.

You begin the episode with a little memory refresher. Before vacation, there were the exams, now it’s time to see your results! To do this you must go to the student council room.

     ➜      Objective: Go to the student council room to see if your results are available.

You’ll find Melody who will tell you that the principal will hang up the results later. She tells you to come back.

     ➜         Objective: Visit the student council room until you can see your results.

You need to go back and see her twice to continue.

The dialogues will appear automatically

Melody tells you that there is an organizational problem in the school and that results will not be hung up right away, but rather later during the day. You must leave the room again and return to the hallways.

     ➜         Objective: Go to the exam room (Classroom B) to know what the principal wants to talk about.

Once you are in the right classroom, everyone is there. The principal explains that there will be an orienteering race soon, and that a problem with the organization risks to ruin it. The teachers need the students to help to finish preparing in time. All this while announcing the exam results! You will have to choose which option you would like to help with:

  -     The exam results (See part 2)
  -     The final preparations with the race (See part 3)

Once you have made your choice, you will leave the room, without knowing who will be helping you.

     ➜         Objective: Wait for your classmates in the courtyard.

See part 2 or 3 depending on your choice.

P A R T 2:

Help with the exams


In the courtyard you will automatically unlock the dialogue that will show you the students who are participating with you to help with the exams results. To be more efficient, you make little groups to split up the tasks. You can choose who you want to partner up with to hang up the posters. You can choose between:

  -     Castiel
  -     Charlotte
  -     Melody
  -     Rosalya

The choice you make will allow you to unlock different dialogues with each character. If you choose Castiel, you can raise your L’o’M with him (he will not refuse to be your partner) as long as he is there.

        ➜         Objective: Go to the teachers' lounge to pick up the posters.

You will have to go to the second hallway to enter the teachers’ lounge. The only problem is that its locked. You must get the keys from a teacher or ask them to open the room for you.

     ➜         Objective: Find a teacher to open the teachers' lounge .

Mr. Faraize will give you the key (he is busy and doesn’t have the time to open the door for you.) Go back to the second hallway to open the door and collect the posters.


You will automatically return to the teachers’ lounge as long as you haven’t taken the posters

Once you have the posters you can leave the room and start hanging them on the walls of the school.

     ➜         Objective: Put up the posters in the main hallway, the second hallway and the stairwell.

You must hang up the posters in three places :

  -     the main hallway
  -     the second hallway
  -     the stairwell.

When you go to those places, you will hang the posters automatically. Once you’ve finished hanging the posters, you will leave your partner to get back to business: your exam results! (note: You cannot finish your objectives without having received an inscription form from Lysander)

     ➜         Objective: Go check your results in the exams room.

See Part 4.

P A R T 3:

Help with the race


In the courtyard you will automatically unlock the dialogue that will show you the students who are participating with you to help with race. To be more efficient, you make little groups to split up the tasks. You can choose who you want to partner up with to hand out the forms. You can choose between:

  -     Lysander
  -     Kim
  -     Violette

The choice you make will allow you to unlock different dialogues with each character. If you choose Lysander, you can raise your L’o’M with him, if you do (he will not refuse to be your partner) as long as he is there.

      ➜         Objective: Go to the teachers' lounge to pick up the forms.

You have to go to the second hallway to enter the teachers’ lounge. You will have to pick up the inscription forms and not the posters. The posters are in the decor, but you cannot pick them up.


You must pick them up, or you will automatically return to the teachers’ lounge

Now it’s time to distribute the forms to the students. You need to hand out 5 to the following:

  -     Rosalya
  -     Melody
  -     Charlotte
  -     Castiel
  -     Capucine

Once you have given them to Melody and Rosalya (they are handed out at the same time) you will leave your partner to go see your exam results.

     ➜         Objective: Go check your results in the exams room.

See Part 4.

P A R T 4:

End of the episode


     ➜         Objective: Go check your results in the exams room.

You must go to classroom B (it’s the same as the exam room) to see your results. They are results for the exam in episode 8. You can have three different results:

  -      Failed
  -      Good
  -      Perfect

Your results are considered good and will have the same consequence on the rest of the story (and not just this episode). They are considered bad if you fail.

Once you have learned your results, you can leave the room.

     ➜         Objective: Go take your permission to leave school to go back home.

To leave school, you must go see Nathaniel to receive your permission note. You can find him in the student council room. The first time he is busy with a student, you must return to see him again to get your note. Then you can go home.

     ➜         Objective: Go to the courtyard to go back home and fill in your form.

When you get to the courtyard you meet a new student. He asks you to show him where the teachers’ lounge is. You accept to show him.

     ➜         Objective: Before going back home, show the new student where the teachers' lounge is.

Return to the second hallway to finish the objective and then go back to the courtyard. You will then go home without finding out the mysterious new student’s name. You will fill out your form automatically and then you will return to school.

     ➜         Objective: Give your completed form to a teacher.

To validate this objective you will have to go to the gymnasium, where the new teacher is (hired just for the orienteering race). The dialogue will be unlocked after you have spoken with Nathaniel at least once. Once you have handed in the form, you will have to pay the race fee then pick your teammate for the race. You decide to ask the boys if one of them would like to be your partner.

     ➜         Objective: Ask the boy you like the most to join you for the orienteering.

You can be teammates with Castiel, Lysander or Nathaniel. You can ask them the first time you see them, or you can make the rounds to see all three boys then the select the boy you want to team up with. If you ask the boy who you saw at the beach, and you left with Dake, he’ll send you walking and you’ll have to choose another guy. If you didn’t leave with Dake at the beach, then all the boys will accept to be your partner when you ask.

Once you have chosen your teammate, return to see the teacher in the gymnasium to validate your inscription. The next move you make, you will see the principal who will ask you how your exams went. You can give three possible answers:

   -      Failed: You have to retake the exam
   -      Good: You can retake the exam or help the other students
   -      Perfect : You have to help the other students

     ➜         Objective: Go to the classroom

Once you go to the classroom, you will see Charlotte who will ask you to choose between English and Math. Once you’ve chosen your subject, you must give the correct answers to the questions to finish the retake or helping out. You will automatically unlock a new objective when you leave the room.

     ➜         Objective: Try to find the new student to talk with him a little.

To find the new student you must first talk to Nathaniel and Castiel. You will then find Alexy and his brother Armin (you will unlock the first illustration at this moment) and after a short dialogue will explain the situation, you will accept to help the twins find that crazy paper.

     ➜         Objective: Help Armin and Alexy to confirm their registration.

Unlike the first episode, the paperclip is not is classroom A, but in classroom B, on a table. Once you have it, give it to Armin. Rosalya will ask you to give an excuse note to the principal for her. She doesn’t want to participate in the race and has to leave quickly to see Leigh.

     ➜         Objective: Give Rosalya's excuse note to the principal.

This is your last objective. Once you’ve given the note to the principal, you notice that everyone has left. Alexy is there, and this is your chance to unlock the second illustration with him. You must choose the correct dialogue and the correct outfit. Once you’ve made the correct choices you will gain access to the episode’s bonus scene! (and a special dress, offered to you by Alexy!!)


One dress can be unlocked per episode.
That’s the end of this guide!
See you in episode 11!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


Here’s one. Sign the register to prove that you’re gone by here before you go. I did not see the day, so I wanted to ask you... How was the rest of your vacation?

  • A. Very good! I had so much fun after leaving the beach!
  • B. I admit that you missed me a little .. I hesitated to go to the beach. =
  • C. It was not our day as well as at the beach, but it was fun! =

Really? But I do not feel we have done anything exceptional...

  • A. You were there, it was already great! =
  • B. You’ve still helped when Dake arrived. =

There is a new student? I didn’t know...

  • A. It’s your job isn’t it? What have you been doing? -
  • B. Weird, when I got here you knew about it! =
  • C. He wasn’t a new student then? -

Ah Ah!I had a sense of déjà vu!

  • A. Me too, but it’s for a good cause!
  • B. Answer, that’s all I do without your comments.
  • C. Yes, it is true, but this time it’s not for me. +


I was the last one to be asked what I wanted. By the time our dear principal asked me, there weren’t any spots left for the race.

  • A. Ha ha! You’re on her "list" then? -
  • B. You can ask someone if they would switch with you, can’t you? =
  • C. Too bad. =

You spend one afternoon with me and you expect special treatment?

  • A. I had hoped you would be a little nicer is all. =
  • B. Shhh not so loud! I don’t want anyone to know! -
  • C. Seeing as you were my knight in shining armor with Dake, yeah, I had hoped for something like that. =

I’m being forced to do something I don’t want to do. I’ll be nice when it’s over.

  • A. Then, take the list and tell us what we need to do instead of complaining! =
  • B. We’ll finish everything quickly then. I don’t like it when you are in a bad mood. =
  • C. We don’t feel like doing it either... =

Well, I guess you are trusted then. If they let you have the keys like that.

  • A. I’ve never done anything wrong! =
  • B. I’ll teach you one day. =
  • C. Mr. Faraize trusts me, that’s all. =

Day at the beach was not trying? A dog tries to eat you, an idiot trying to jump...

  • A. You mean when you say you "moron"?
  • B. Yeah... Thank you for helping me when Dake arrived. =


It was calm and refreshing. I got to write a lot, it had been a while since I'd done that.

  • A. You wrote a story?
  • B. You wrote a song? (more dialogue) =
  • C. You wrote a poem? =

I wrote a few, but I don't really like any of them...I don't think I'll use them.

  • A. And do you often write things that you don't like? -
  • B. That's too bad, I'm sure they are worth looking at! +

Now that we are finished, I’ll leave you. I saw a poster that said the exam results have been posted in Classroom B, I’m going to go see.

  • A. Ok! Thanks for your help, it was nice of you! =
  • B. Ok! But, you really didn’t do much. -
  • C. Ok! I was glad you agreed to be my partner! +

I have to go see my results. I hope my grade is alright.

  • A. You studied well, it should be ok! =
  • B. You should go see your results instead of standing there doing nothing. +


Excuse me, I have the photo you asked for.

  • A. Perfect Armin! I have the paper clip! =
  • B. Perfect Alexy! I have the paper clip! =


Oh nooooo... He said he would go into town with me! We were supposed to go shopping! I really want some new clothes...

  • A. Maybe he forgot, that’s all! =
  • B. In my opinion he didn’t want to, he... (Illustration) =
  • C. You like to go shopping? That’s rare for a boy... =


I'm teammates with Violette for the race, it'll be a laugh, I can tell!

  • A. Be careful for her! She gets lost easily.
  • B. Be careful then! She is capable of getting you both lost. =


  • Before Boris was replaced with Dimitry for the demonstration, Candy would recognize Boris. Boris also recognized Candy and would exclaim how his heart is full of joy by seeing her again.