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Special Episode - Christmas 2011

QuotationM1 This little elf needs your help.
If you manage to help him...
You will win lots of presents!

This ring gives you access to the Halloween 2011 Special Episode. You can buy it in the Jewelry Shop for 100 Ap, and put it on in your Jewelry Box.


You start off the episode inside your bedroom. ChiNoMimi, who is dressed up in a rather festive Christmas outfit, explains to you that this episode will be a bit different than other ones. This episode focuses mainly on a Mini-Game (in which you'll be able to win prizes) rather than completing different objectives.

After ChiNoMimi leaves, the ring you bought at the jewelry store starts to glow, and suddenly a small elf appears in your room. You're unsure that he's real at first, but the elf tells you that you've been chosen to save Christmas!

You are then swooped off to the North Pole. Cotton - the Christmas Elf - explains to you that the presents are all falling out of Santa's sleigh due to some rambunctious reindeer.

Cotton will try to calm them down, in order to prepare the sleigh for take off... but it's your job to try to catch all the falling presents in time to save Christmas! If you're lucky, you'll even win some Christmas Gifts of your own!

Date Outfits

Outfit Christmas 2011 1
Outfit Christmas 2011 2
For Cotton

Hidden Gifts

This is a complete list of the clothing you may get during this episode. There are 40 items in total for the, however the maximum you can win during one play is 5. In addition, you may receive a special outfit from Cotton if you choose the correct dialogue. See the Love'o'Meter guide below for the answers.


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Episode Guide


Move the stocking from left to right using your mouse in order to catch as many presents as possible.


  • Between 0 and 5: one clothing item
  • Between 6 and 10: two clothing items
  • Between 11 and 15: three clothing items
  • Between 16 and 19: four clothing items
  • 20: five clothing items

Be careful to only catch the undamaged presents. Damaged presents will subtract from the total undamaged presents caught during game.


Love Meter Guide

Love o&#039; meter guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the guy. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the guy. -
  • C. Blue answers don't have any effect on the guy. =
  • D. Black answer has no effect on the guy.



  • A. (Try and catch it to see if it’s real) -
  • B. (Pinch myself... just in case) =

Yeah, I guess it doesn't make much sense like that, ha ha! So, let me introduce myself, I’m Cotton, a Christmas elf, and I need your help!

  • A. I’m Nickname. You are a Christmas elf? Those really exist? +
  • B. I’m Nickname. That’s why you are so like... -

Well, we were preparing the reindeer, everything was perfect, the presents were in the sleigh, Santa was the only thing missing! Except, for I don’t know what reason, the reindeer started to leave and fly away without him, and alone, all they did was make a mess!

  • A. That’s horrible! +
  • B. Great organization... =
  • C. Is that really what happened? -

We are in Santa’s country! This is where everything happens! The presents, organizing the lists, the coal for the children that are on the bad list... everything!

  • A. Yeah! We are far from my home! -
  • B. Yeah! It’s cold! =
  • C. Yeah! All this snow! It’s beautiful! +

Really? That’s great, I didn't expect you to find them all! Congrats!

  • A. Thanks! I worked really hard! +
  • B. I hope I’ll be getting a reward for my work! =
  • C. I’m so happy! That will count as my good deed for the year! -

Really? That’s great! Thank you so much, because of you Christmas is going to be wonderful for everyone!

  • A. I hope I’ll be getting a reward for my work!
  • B. I did my best! I would have like to do more though! +
  • C. I’m so happy! That will count as my good deed for the year! -

I was really happy to meet you in any case!

  • A. Me too! Even if I thought you were weird in the beginning. =
  • B. Me too! Too bad I can’t stay with you longer! +
  • C. Me too! If you were about 5 feet taller than you would have been the elf of my dreams! -

I’m an elf, I have magic powers, remember? I can bring you anywhere with just a sap of a finger!

  • A. Yes, I remember, but still, it was very fast!
  • B. It must be great to be an elf...
  • C. You are amazing Cotton! +