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Special Episode - Christmas 2012

Ring Christmas2012

This ring gives you access to the Christmas 2012 Special Episode.
You can buy it in the Jewelry Shop for 100 Ap, and put it on from your Jewelry Box.


The episode starts with your Candy putting on an orange ring with bells on it. It suddenly starts to glow and your candy tries to take it off, but fails to do so. Tije then enters your room and reveals that she had been looking for that ring as it was a present for her sick friend, but as your candy can't take the ring off, Tije takes you with her to see the sick friend. She flew to a snowy land, your candy holding onto her hand until her hand slips and she falls. She can then explore until she finds Rudolph and Tije. She then gives your candy an outfit to keep her warm. Tije then reveals that her 'sick friend' is Rudolph and his nose isn't shining like it usually does. Your Candy then tries several ideas to get Rudolph's nose to shine, but to no avail. When your Candy grooms Rudolph, his nose shines for a second, so your candy finds Goldy, another reindeer to cheer him up because he might have been lonely. When she is introduced, Rudolph is immediately better, showing all Rudolph wanted was a friend. Rudolph then takes you home and you can take off the ring.

Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
Christmas2012 Outfit
Automatic Free

Hidden Gifts

Picture How to get
Christmas2012 SpecialOutfit
(Choose golden collar for the reindeer)
(Name the reindeer Goldy)

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
[Picture Here] [Description of purpose] [Description how to find]


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