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Episode 24 - Furballs

QuotationM1 Now that Nathaniel's secret is out in the open, the tension has died down and the school is happy once again. It's time to take a trip to the Pet Shop! Puppies, Kittens, Rodents... Your friends don't know in which direction to turn. Will one of them crack and adopt a little furball? QuotationM2

Furballs is the 24th episode of My Candy Love - High School Life. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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The episode begins immediately where Episode 23 left off, when Rosalya tells your Candy that there's someone who wants to talk to her. Your Candy has a feeling who it is, and her intuition is correct as Nathaniel approaches her. Rosalya leaves to give the duo some privacy and Nathaniel takes this time to apologize to your Candy. Your Candy is surprised and Nathaniel goes on to explain how it must have taken a lot of courage to do the things your Candy did for him. He then asks her if she's still mad at him and he hopes that even if she can't forgive him now, that she'll think about it. Your Candy can choose to forgive him or not and the duo banter a bit depending on her answer. Nathaniel then goes on to tell your Candy how he's no longer living with his parents after Castiel suggested him becoming legally independent, though he's still not really sure why Castiel wanted to help him. Your Candy is curious how being legally independent works, and your Candy is surprised to hear that his parents gave their accord to a judge. If they hadn't, Nathaniel would have told Social Services everything, so his parents had no choice. His parents pay for his apartment and other costs, and he also warned his father to not take his anger out on Amber otherwise he would have to intervene. His apartment is a nice one in town and your Candy is happy things have worked out for him. Nathaniel has changed a bit since the past events, both in his mannerisms and even appearance. The news about his independence spread quickly around the school, but Nathaniel took it well. Later, your Candy is approached by Nathaniel again and your Candy tells him how his new outfit really suits him. Your Candy then notes how he looks exceptionally happy today, and he replies that he has a project, but the bell rings before he can elaborate. He decides to tell her later, even though she's curious, before telling her how he'll only tell her if she's good. Your Candy still needs to get used to Nathaniel's new mannerism, but before she can think more about it, Iris tells your Candy to come with her to class otherwise she'll be late. When the arrive in class, Mr. Faraize is telling the class to clam down while your Candy and Iris sit down. Iris asks your Candy if she remembered her homework, which your Candy and almost the rest of the class never heard about. Mr. Faraize tells everyone to pass in their homework on industrialization, which causes a stir, and he is surprised three quarters of the class didn't do the homework. Nathaniel stands up for the class and suggests that since most people never heard about the homework, it's probably the teacher's fault, and the rest of the class is surprised at his comment. Violette and Kim whisper to each other about Nathaniel's out of character comment while Mr. Faraize gets defensive. Melody asks if the class could have extra time to do the assignment and Mr. Faraize agrees to give them until tomorrow. Amber asks for a week instead, but Mr. Faraize refuses and tells the class that anyone who doesn't turn in their homework tomorrow will get detention. Your Candy is surprised to see Mr. Faraize so worked up and makes it a note to write down the assignment. Kim whispers to Violette again, but is quick to be quiet once Mr. Faraize calls on her. For the rest of the class, your Candy can't concentrate since she's still too focused thinking about what Nathaniel was going to tell her earlier.

After class, your Candy sees Mr. Faraize in the hallway walking in the opposite direction. Although they try to avoid it, the duo end up accidentally running into each other. Mr. Faraize apologizes, but accidentally calls your Candy "Miss Iris". He's still flustered from earlier and snaps a little when your Candy corrects him before he leaves. Your Candy then runs into Amber, who is still bitter about your Candy's involvement with Nathaniel's past situation. Your Candy tries to talk to her, but Amber refuses to hear her out and warns her that she should watch her back before leaving. Once Amber leaves, your Candy thinks about how she can't really blame Amber after the hardship she had to suffer through with her family lately. When your Candy sees Kim and Violette, the duo are talking about Mr. Faraize's attitude earlier. Your Candy asks them if they've seen Nathaniel, but they haven't. When talked to, Lysander mentions how he actually remembered to do his homework and your Candy jokes how she's the one who forgot it this time. The duo banter momentarily before your Candy leaves. Castiel tells your Candy how he knew she had forgotten her homework from the look on her face during class. Your Candy then tells him how she saw Nathaniel this morning and how he's doing much better now. Castiel tells her how he really doesn't care and your Candy had hoped things between the two would have gotten better now. When your Candy runs into Rosalya, she's concerned at your Candy's expression and she tells her how Amber probably hates her more than ever. Your Candy still feels guilty about even hurting Amber, but Rosalya pinches her to snap her out of it. After some time, your Candy finally finds Nathaniel in hopes of finding out what he was going to tell her earlier. Nathaniel explains how now that he lives alone, he can do things his parents wouldn't have tolerated. Your Candy can guess what kind of project he's referring to and it ends up being that he wants to get a pet, a kitten in particular. Your Candy thinks it's a great idea and she mentions how she loves animals, but can't have one because of her parents. Nathaniel asks your Candy if she wants to go to the pet store after school tomorrow to get some more information on how to take care of a cat and your Candy happily agrees to go. After, your Candy runs into Armin, who is working on the homework assignment with Alexy and Kentin. As usual, the two brothers are picking on Kentin and your Candy doesn't want to get involved since it looks like they're having fun. Kentin spots your Candy before she leaves, however, and exclaims how he had been waiting for her and leads her away to the hallway. Your Candy is confused and Kentin explains how the twins have been annoying him for hours and used the chance to escape. Armin and Alexy had followed them, however, and the group end up bantering and having a little fun, which cheers up your Candy. Sadly, your Candy has to go home to work on the homework assignment, but before she can go to her apartment, she's met up with the boy who she confided in about Nathaniel. He asks her how things are and she gives him a quick update on his new positive outlook. When your Candy goes up to her room, Philip comes in to greet her and ends up staying to help her with her homework.

The next day, your Candy arrives at school and puts her homework in her locker. Once she's done putting her homework away, she hears a yell of pain and goes to check it out. When your Candy arrives at the staircase, Li is the one who called out in pain due to tripping on the stairs, which caused her to hurt her ankle. Your Candy tries to help take Li to the nurse, but Charlotte rudely intervenes and takes Li instead. As your Candy goes to see her friends in the Courtyard, she bumps into Amber, who is quick to leave. In the Courtyard, Iris tells your Candy how the newspaper didn't come out today and Rosalya thinks it's because Peggy's punishment left an impact on her. Violette feels sorry for her, but Kim feels that Peggy went looking for trouble. Capucine says how Mrs. Shermansky found Peggy hiding behind the couch in the lounge and how it must have been a funny scene. Iris saw Peggy earlier and mentions how she's trying to be discrete. The rest of the morning is normal with the exception of Amber looking oddly at your Candy. As the time for Mr. Faraize's class draws near, your Candy goes off to get her homework from her locker. Even after searching her whole locker, she can't find her homework and Kim tells your Candy that they need to hurry to class. Your Candy has no choice but to go to class without her homework and just as warned, Mr. Faraize has to give your Candy detention. For detention, your Candy has to clean the Science Lab and once she's done, she can leave. When your Candy goes into the hallway, she's met with Amber, who has her missing homework. Li hurting her ankle had been an act to get your Candy away from her locker, which gave Amber enough time to steal her homework. Amber then rips up the homework and tells your Candy how what she did is not nearly as painful as what she had to go through with before leaving. Once Amber is gone, your Candy goes to clean the Science Room. When she gets to the classroom, Nathaniel is there and he reminds her about their "date" after class. The detention interferes with it, but Nathaniel decides to finish up some paperwork so he can wait for her. Once your Candy is done picking up all the trash, Nathaniel comes up to see if she's ready to go. The boy your Candy is closest to is jealous that she's going to hang out with Nathaniel and leaves bitterly.

Your Candy and Nathaniel then leave school and head in the direction of the Park so they can go to the Pet Shop. Before they arrive at the Pet Shop, they're met by Amber, who also wants to go with them. Your Candy can choose to have her not come along or to let her join them, even if reluctantly. Once the group makes it to the Pet Shop, Nathaniel wants to find a salesperson so he can ask them some questions. When the group passes by the kitten area, even though the kittens are adorable, Nathaniel still wants to get some information about taking care of a cat before he gets one. When the find the Pet Shop Salesperson, she informs the group about how all the animals at the store are rescues from local animal shelters so adopting one is also a good deed. Nathaniel says how he wants to adopt a kitten. but would like some advice on caring for it first. After Nathaniel gets some information, the group leaves the store so Nathaniel can have some time to think about if he's ready for a kitten or not. Your Candy then heads home, where she thinks about what kitten Nathaniel will decide on.

When your Candy arrives at school the next day, she wonders what her friends did during their free time. Your Candy goes around the school talking to the boys, in which she can choose to make a plan with one of them to visit the Pet Store together. When she sees Nathaniel, he tells her how he's decided to go ahead and get a kitten, which your Candy can choose to cancel her plans with the other boy she made plans with or to cancel with Nathaniel. Either way, the boy she cancels with will be disappointed. Later, she runs into Rosalya and Alexy, who are talking about clothes. Rosalya thinks the three of them should go on a clothes shopping trip together this weekend, but your Candy mentions already having plans. The duo are curious to what plans your Candy has and she tells them she's going to the Pet Shop with whichever boy she had made plans with. Rosalya and Alexy misinterpret it for a date and no matter what your Candy says, she's roped into going on a shopping trip to the mall for a new outfit. Amber and her friends look at the group and laugh before leaving, and Rosalya wonders what her problem is. Your Candy tells her how Amber tore up her homework, but she doesn't want to make her suffer after what happened with her family. Rosalya and Alexy suddenly leave in a hurry, and your Candy feels that they're up to something. As your Candy walks in the hallway, she sees Mr. Faraize and the principal talking. The principal seems to be unsatisfied with the way Mr. Faraize teaches, but your Candy decides to go to class so she isn't mistaken for ease dropping like Peggy. Throughout class your Candy notices Rosalya and Alexy are busy with writing something that has nothing to do with class and when she asks them what they're doing, the duo tell her that they're making a shopping list for the mall trip, though Your Candy isn't convinced. Once class is over, your Candy sees Amber and Kentin talking. Amber mentions how Kentin has seen where he was wrong and maybe they could try being together, which surprises your Candy. Kentin, however, is confused, and Amber goes on to tell him how she'll forgive him for breaking her phone since it was your Candy who bought it anyway. Kentin still doesn't know what's going on, and Amber wonders how he could have written her a letter if he was still acting harsh toward her. Amber shows him a letter and Kentin reads it before laughing. He wasn't the one who wrote the letter and after some banter, Amber leaves in embarrassment and so does Kentin. Rosalya and Alexy then appear and say how they're the ones who wrote the letter to get back at Amber for treating your Candy badly. Apparently the love letter had been signed anonymously, and Alexy doesn't know why Amber thought it was from Kentin right away. Your Candy explains to them how Amber likes Castiel, but probably thought the letter was from Kentin because of the kiss they shared back when Kentin first returned to the school. Alexy is shocked and your Candy tells him the kiss was a form of revenge. Rosalya wonders if he ever had a crush on Amber and Alexy wants to talk to Kentin. Your Candy thinks to herself how lucky she is to have such great friends even if their revenges are over the top. Now, it's time to go home, so your Candy heads back to her apartment. She thinks about the busy weekend she's going to have before her dad walks in. He asks her how she did on the homework they did together, and she lies by saying they haven't gotten it back yet.

Once the week ends, it's first time for your Candy's mall trip with Rosalya and Alexy. The next event will be her trip to the pet shop with whichever boy she made plans with. Your Candy goes to the bus stop, where her two friends are already waiting. After buying a bus ticket, the trip board the bus and end up at the mall. Rosalya starts off with wanting to buy some new jewelry, so the trip goes to Clara's first. Rosalya isn't impressed with Clara's since it's mostly cheap jewelry so they decide to look around at other stores. Along the way, Alexy wants to go to Julien's and since Rosalya has given up on finding jewelry, they decide to go to Julien's. Both Rosalya and Alexy decide to pick out outfits for your Candy to try on for her date and she can only buy one of them. They agree to meet up in half an hour to check out the outfits and your Candy goes off to kill some time. She then sees Melody and Capucine, which makes her feel awkward. Capucine asks why your Candy is along, and she tells her how she's waiting for Rosalya and Alexy. Melody still is bitter toward your Candy and she wants to try talking to her to make things better between them. Melody doesn't want to talk to her, and Capucine reiterates what Melody just said. Your Candy tries to reason with Melody by reminding her how they use to get along and she doesn't understand why she suddenly started hating her. Melody is jealous at the closeness of your Candy and Nathaniel, and your Candy tries to tell her how it was due to her trying to help him and to put Melody in her shoes. Melody softens up a bit as she thinks about your Candy's side of things and your Candy tells her that she wants to be close again. Capucine tries to intervene, but your Candy silences her. Melody admits she was wring and only acted out due to her feelings for Nathaniel. Melody then apologizes and the duo leave on a good note, except for Capucine, who is still cold toward your Candy. Your Candy feels much better now that things are okay with Melody and she goes off to find Rosalya and Alexy. When she finds the duo, the present to her two outfits that she has to choose from. Once she picks out an outfit, the group goes to a few more stores before they head home for the night.

The next day, your Candy gets ready for her date before the doorbell rings. She hurries to get the door so that her parents don't get to it first and leaves the house quickly. Before your Candy and the boy can leave, however, your Candy's parents catch them in time and end up talking with the duo. Phillip is stern the entire time while Lucia is pleasant. Once the duo is able to go on their way, the boy notes how your Candy's father seemed to be a little off with them. After the pair walk through the park and end up at the pet shop, they're greeted by the shop attendant, who remembers your Candy. The pair then walk around the store to look around.

If your Candy went to the pet shop with Castiel, he's only going there to buy a new leash due to Demon breaking his old one. When going near the cat and dog aisle, your Candy asks him if seeing the puppies makes him nostalgic for when Demon was a puppy. Castiel replies by telling her how much work having a puppy is and how it isn't all just fun, but your Candy has a feeling he was still tender with Demon. Once near the accessories, Castiel decides to pick out a new leash. Your Candy can choose to help him pick one out or to have the salesperson help, the latter going toward your Candy having the option to play a joke on Castiel by buying a collar and leash for $30 and putting it around his neck. Castiel isn't pleased at first, and your Candy takes the opportunity to attach the leash tot he collar. Castiel then tries to catch your Candy, but she avoids him, and he smiles at her humorously. Castiel then goes to buy accessories for Demon and your Candy gives him the dog collar to keep. Once done, the duo go their separate ways and your Candy goes home.

If your Candy went to the pet shop with Kentin, he ends up feeling attached to a German Shepard puppy. Kentin knows it's a lot of responsibility to take care of a dog, but he feels that he can handle it. He decides to think about it and to also ask his parents permission to adopt the puppy. The duo then leave the store so Kentin can go home to ask his parents about it.

If your Candy went to the pet shop with Nathaniel, the duo play with the kittens to get to know their behavior. Your Candy then asks him if he's made a choice and Nathaniel says he might, but he still has to think about it. Candy then leaves to the accessories aisle and decides to get a cat collar for Nathaniel's kitten. When she returns she starts to tell Nathaniel about the collar, but stops when she sees him smiling with a kitten in his hands. Your Candy goes to pet the kitten and Nathaniel then goes on to explain that the kitten is a Birman and that he and the kitten feel attached. She then gives Nathaniel the collar(which he likes), then the two go to pay and after leaving the pet shop, the two part ways with Candy wanting updates on Nathaniel's new kitten.

When your Candy arrives home, her parents are there to greet her to see how things went. Phillip feels she was out too late even though your Candy got back ten minutes earlier than expected. She then tells her parents about her time at the pet shop before going to bed.

Your Candy goes to school the next day, she runs into Melody, who is back to being on good terms with her. Melody even suggests that the two of them have some bonding time soon before they part ways. If your Candy didn't go to the pet shop with Nathaniel, he approaches her and tells her how he went back to the pet shop with Amber and ended up adopting a kitten he named White. Eventually she runs into Rosalya and Alexy, who want to know how the date to the pet shop went. After your Candy tells the duo about the outing, they see Capucine leaving. Capucine goes off to tell Peggy the gossip about your Candy's outing with whichever boy she went with, but Peggy won't use the scoop for a story. Capucine was hoping Peggy would want to annoy your Candy, but Peggy brushes her off and Capucine storms off. Your Candy tells Peggy how it was nice of her to not go along with Capucine's idea and wonders why there hasn't been a new paper out yet. Peggy replies that she's just been busy and leaves rather coldly and your Candy has a feeling that being punished has made Peggy more calm.

If your Candy went to the pet shop with Kentin, she asks him if he was able to get the puppy and he tells her to meet him after school at the park. She can either go straight to the part or go buy some cookies first, but buying the cookies makes her miss seeing Kentin. If she goes directly to the park, at first she doesn't see Kentin there. When Kentin calls out to her, your Candy sees why Kentin wanted her to come to the park. In his arms he holds the puppy he liked at the pet shop, which he named Cookie. Kentin's father felt the responsibility would be good for him and allowed him to adopt the puppy.

When your Candy goes home, she asks her parents about getting a pet, but they don't want one. Even after a few days of trying to convince them, she still can't get a pet.

When your Candy arrives at school, she hopes to get back to studying after the time at the pet shop took away from her studies. Along the way she sees Amber talking to her friends, who mentions how she hopes someone will be easily wrapped around her finger. Once Amber sees your Candy, she tells her to leave, in which she does. Violette then tells your Candy how the principal made an announcement, but she also couldn't hear it. Your Candy then finds Kentin, Armin, Alexy, and Armin, who are all talking about their experience at the pet shop. If your Candy didn't go with a certain boy, Kentin will say how he got a German Shepard puppy named Cookie and Armin got a ferret named Rocket. Nathaniel even bonds with Armin, and your Candy is happy to see him being more outgoing. As your Candy leaves the group, Iris, Kim, and Melody meet up with her and tell her how there's a new science teacher. Everyone is surprised Peggy hadn't already found this information out, but they feel she's probably still feeling down about being punished. Your Candy is excited to meet the new teacher and hope they can help her in class.

Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
Trash Empty Cup
Clean the science room On top of the sink desk second row
Trash Ink Cartrige
Clean the science room On top of the sink desk last row
Trash Chewing Gum
Clean the science room Under the second row stool closest to the window
Trash Wrinkled Notes
Clean the science room Under the teacher's desk close to the trash can
Trash Forgotten Notes
Clean the science room "Under" the telescope table
Chocolate Cookies
Give Kentin them on your date.
(Makes you miss the date.)
Go to the Dollar Store in game.
Cat Collar
Looking at collars with Nathaniel. In the pet shop, if you go with Nathaniel the second time.
Pink Collar
Looking at leashes with Castiel. In the pet shop, if you go with Castiel the second time.
Pet House
Pink leash

Date Outfits

Date Outfit Episode 24 Castiel
Date Outfit Episode 24 Lysander
Date Outfit Episode 24 Kentin
Date Outfit Episode 24 Armin
Date Outfit Episode 24 Nathaniel
For Castiel For Lysander For Kentin For Armin For Nathaniel
Dollars 55 Dollars 60 Dollars 80 Dollars 70 Dollars 65

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Robotic Dog
• Objective: TBA
• Found in:
• Gift:
Encounter your Fairy Aunt
(Found in the pet shop during the date)
(Go between the register area and the rodent aisle repeatedly during the date (NOT the first time with Nathaniel) before going to the cat and dog area)
(50% chance)
Robotic Cat
• Objective: TBA
• Found in:
• Gift:
Encounter your Fairy Aunt
(Found in the pet shop during the date)
(Go between the register area and the rodent aisle repeatedly during the date (NOT the first time with Nathaniel) before going to the cat and dog area)
(50% chance)


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 24!

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : Here Comes The Sun

PART 2 : Jurassic Park


Note: These titles were inspired by the following works:

Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles (1969)

Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg (1993)

P A R T 1

Here Comes The Sun

In this episode, you can unlock 5 different illustrations, depending on the dialogue you choose.

After a long and stressful time, you finally learn what happened to Nathaniel. A page has turned and now the student council president needs your help with a new project.

Go to class.

M.Faraize is waiting for you in Classroom B.

➜      Objective:  Ask Nathaniel what he is up to!

Before you run into Nathaniel, you will have to meet M. Faraize in one of the hallways, but also have talked to Castiel, Lysander and Rosa.

Spend some time with your friends.

You can unlock a dialogue with Iris and Melody.

You can go home only after having seen Kentin and the twins.

Go home to do your homework for Mr. Faraize.

Go to your bedroom. Depending on your choices in episode 23, one of the boys could come to talk to you on your way.

➜      Objective:  Put your homework in your locker.

Your locker is in Hallway 2. You should then take a look in the staircase; someone seems to need your help...

Join your friends in the courtyard.

You must talk to Iris, Rosa, Violette, Kim and Capucine before going back to Hallway 2.

Go to Classroom B.

It’s time for Mr. Faraize’s class; a more than unjust moment for your Candy...

➜      Objective:  Clean the Science Room.

There are five objects to pick up in the science room before you can validate your objective.

Take a good look!

Join Nathaniel and leave the school.

Nathaniel is waiting for you after your detention. And, he may not be the only one… Once you are with him you must go to the courtyard to leave the school.

➜      Objective:  Go through the Park to go to the Pet Shop.

✔ Find a salesperson.

✔ Go see the kittens.

If you alone with Nathaniel, you will have the choice between going to see the kittens or looking for a salesperson. However, if Amber is with you, you will have to go see the kittens first. Either way, you have to validate these two objectives to complete your first tour at the Pet Shop.

Go back to your bedroom.

Go back home. A new day at school will start.

➜      Objective:  Go talk with the other boys before finding Nathaniel.

These dialogues are important as they will determine the boy with whom you will go on a date! Take care when answering the dialogues… When the date is set with Castiel, Lysander, Kentin or Armin, you will not be able to cancel your date to get one with one of these four guys. However, you can cancel your date to get a date with Nathaniel.

➜      Objective:  Alexy and Rosa have plans for you; find them and discover their (diabolic) plan!

This objective is unlocked after you complete these tasks:

First, you must talk to Rosa and Alexy who will suggest a plan for the weekend.

Then, you must witness a quite unique scene between Amber and Kentin. Only after this will the infernal duo resurface and explain their famous plan.

Cancel your previous engagement.

This objective only appears if you have decided to cancel your first date to go out again with Nathaniel. Be reminded of the loss in L’o’M!

It's the weekend! Go home.

Go to the courtyard to access your bedroom.

P A R T 2 Jurassic Park

➜ Objective: Find Rosa and Alexy at the bus stop. Go to the Mall!

To complete this objective and access the mall, you must have at least $10; the price of the bus ticket.

➜ Objective: Walk around the mall with your friends.

You must first go to Clara’s so Rosa can look at the jewelry. Then go to Julien’s for Alexy.

Walk around while waiting for Rosa and Alexy to suggest outfits for you.

You must run into Melody and Capucine. Alexy and Rosa will then be waiting for you in one of the aisles of the mall. Make the right choice, for, as always, it must correspond to the boy with whom you have a date in order to unlock the illustration.

✔ Find your friends and choose your outfit!

✔ Go through the park and return to the Pet Shop.

The boy with whom you had a date will come to get you! Leave your bedroom then take them to the park.

If you are with Nathaniel, you should find the salesperson so Nathaniel can choose his kitten.

If you are with Castiel, Lysander, Kentin or Armin, walk around the Pet Shop to unlock the dialogues.

➜ Objective: Go see if Nathaniel has made a decision.

If you are with Nathaniel and you made the choice to let him choose his kitten alone, return to the kitten and puppy aisle.

➜ Objective: Ask the person you went to the Pet Shop with for news.

Before meeting with the boy in question, you have to have spoken at least once to the other boys, Rosalya, Alexy, and Peggy.

/!\ If you went to the Pet Shop with Kentin, you can unlock a special dialogue in the park! It depends on if you bought him cookies or not.../!\

➜ Objective: There is someone new at school! Try to learn more by talking with the other students.

You must unlock a dialogue with Nathaniel, Kentin and the twins, then with Iris, Kim and Melody to finish the episode.

That’s the end of this guide!
See you for episode 25!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


I understand if you don't want to forgive me, right away, for what I said to you... But please, promise me you will think about it...

  • A. Idiot... +
  • B. I'm not so sure... -
  • C. Of course I forgive you! +

At the same time, it's logical that this solution came from him. Even if... I still don't understand why he helped me.

  • A. I don't think that he understands that, either. +
  • B. Maybe because he is a good person, deep down. -
  • C. Castiel isn't an idiot! He just knew how to put things in perspective. =

Yes. It's modest, but pretty nice.

  • A. Can I visit one day? =
  • B. I'm happy that you found a nice place to live. =

Well... Now that I live alone, I can do things that my parents would never have tolerated.

  • A. You are going to authorize yourself to get lower grades? -
  • B. Meaning? =

Actually, my project has to do with the fact that I live alone now. I like being independent, but I would still like to have some company... Can you guess what I'm getting at?

  • A. Are you going to get... A girlfriend? =
  • B. Are you going to get a pet? =
  • C. Are you going to find a roommate? =

People don't change. So, do you want to come with me?

  • A. I would like that, yeah! It'll be fun! +
  • B. I think I'm free, yeah. =

To go to the pet shop.

  • A. I might be late because of my detention. Don't wait for me. -
  • B. Oh no... I messed everything up with this stupid detention. +
  • C. Shoot! What are we going to do then? I have to clean the Science Room! =

{$Pseudo}, does it bother you if Amber comes with us?

  • A. (Out of the question! I have to convince Nathaniel.) =
  • B. (I don't want her to come, but I don't want to complain to Nathaniel either about what she did to my homework.) (Amber comes with you) =

Amber, what did you do?

  • A. She stole my homework and ripped it up. So, I'm sorry, but I can't spend time with her. (Amber doesn't come with you) =
  • B. She stole my homework and ripped it up. If you want, I'll leave you both alone. (Amber comes with you) =


Oh no! I want to go see the baby kitties first!

  • A. We are here for Nathaniel, so, he should decide. =
  • B. Don't be stupid. Nathaniel will be tempted if we do that. We should find a salesperson first. -
  • C. I would like to see the kittens too... +

Don't go overboard, I'm sticking to my plan. I have to think before I decide.

  • A. You're right. They are living creatures, not stuffed animals. +
  • B. Stop thinking so much... These little guys are just waiting to be adopted! =
  • C. And, just how long are you going to think about this? -

(Shop Lady)

Excuse me?

  • A. (Intervene.) -
  • B. (Let things happen.) =

I have to find a sales person to ask them some questions.

  • A. What if we went to see the kittens first? +
  • B. If you want, okay. We can take a walk around the store to find someone. =

Let’s not rush! I have to look at them closely before I make my decision.

  • A. And what if you let yourself be guided by your heart? =
  • B. Don’t think too long, if you wait, they might slip from your fingers!
  • C. The new Nathaniel still isn’t fun.

Don’t go overboard, I’m sticking to my plan. I have to think before I decided.

  • A. Oh, yes, that is definitely Nathaniel behind this new look! =
  • B. You can be such a killjoy... -
  • C. Are you scared the little kittens will win the battle? +


  • A. (I'd better cancel the plans I made earlier. I would prefer to go back to the pet shop with Nathaniel.) (Towards Illustration, - with the boy your Candy made plans with earlier)
  • B. (Oh well, I'll tell Nathaniel that I'm already going to the pet shop with someone else. After all, I've already been once with him.) -

Well, too bad. I'll just go without you.

  • A. Or, we could go together another time? =
  • B. No problem. -

I don’t really like rodents...

  • A. I don’t either. =
  • B. I like them. They are cute. =

Oh yeah, why’s that?

  • A. Um... Do you really need a reason?
  • B. They are too small, and for affection, there is better... =
  • C. They are ugly.

  • A. I’ll let you think alone. I’m going to take a walk around, okay? (Towards Illustration)
  • B. I can help you choose if you want. =

  • A. (All these accessories are too expensive for me. Finally, I prefer not to buy anything.)
  • B. (What if I bought him a collar for his little kitten...) (Illustration)


At the same time, when the teacher talked about the assignment, your face gave it all away. It was hard not to notice.

  • A. Yeah, well, I feel a little watched now. =
  • B. Oh yeah? And, what kind of face was I making? +
  • C. And still, you should have seen your face! -

Someone has to keep an eye on you. You are always messing thing up when you are left alone.

  • A. Should I take that as an offer to help me with my homework? +
  • B. If you like imagining things... -
  • C. I don’t know what you are talking about. =

So, you were bored recently? Looking for a distraction? You could have done better than an hour of detention.

  • A. Very funny. I could have gone without it, believe me. =
  • B. Some play music, others draw, whatever... Me, I love going to detention. +
  • C. This isn’t the time for that, go bother someone else. -

Don’t start acting like Mr. Perfect again! {$Pseudo}, are you coming with me, or not?

  • A. I promised Nathaniel I’d go with him somewhere. I’m sorry. =
  • B. No.
  • C. Another time if you want, Nathaniel came to see me first. -

  • A. Castiel, stop. There’s no point in making a big deal about this. (blocks you from getting his illustration) -
  • B. Maybe uh... we could all leave together? -
  • C. If you keep going like that, I’m leaving without either of you! =

What were you doing in the pet shop?

  • A. Oh, well, what one usually does in a pet shop; watch movies, do our nails and we slept over. =
  • B. Actually, we just went to get some information. Nathaniel wants to adopt a kitten, but he wanted to ask some questions beforehand. -
  • C. We went to see the cute little kittens! +

That doesn’t surprise me, coming from him. I actually have to go to the pet shop soon too. Demon completely ruined his leash and I have to get a more solid one.

  • A. That’s what you get when you buy a leash for a Yorkshire! Ha ha! =
  • B. Oh, no! He is pretty strong though. (Towards Illustration)

I don’t understand people who like these things. There couldn’t be anything more useless...

  • A. You’re exaggerating... Plus, they aren’t supposed to be "useful", I’ll have you know. =
  • B. I think they are cute! =

So, you admit that they are useless.

  • A. They are just as useful as a dog!
  • B. Uh... +
  • C. And you, what are you useful for? -

Well, I’m going to try to choose a more solid leash, this time.

  • A. Do you want me to help? =
  • B. The salesperson still seems to want to help you... (Towards Illustration)

  • A. (It might be expensive, but I really want to go through with my idea.) (Illustration)
  • B. (No, I don’t really want to put money into such a silly joke..) =

  • A. It's rare to see you working! =
  • B. What are you doing? +
  • C. Castiel? -


We have more in common than I thought, then.

  • A. You can look at things like that... -
  • B. I think so too, yes! =
  • C. I don't have my head in the clouds as much as you! +

You should have told me you were having trouble with this homework. We could have worked on it together.

  • A. I didn't need your help, I just lost the paper!
  • B. It would have been with pleasure, but it wouldn't have solved my problem of the punishment. =
  • C. If you really want to support me, come to my detention with me.

You seem to be closer than ever, the two of you...

  • A. It’s hard not to be closer to him, after everything that happened. =
  • B. Oh, not really. -

I don't really understand what you are doing here, Nathaniel...

  • A. We had planned to go somewhere together...
  • B. He came to get me, we had plans to go out together. =
  • C. It's simple. We are busy together this evening.

He is right. It's a real responsibility. I don't think I would be capable of taking care of an animal...

  • A. Yeah, you can't forget to feed an animal! =
  • B. I'm sure you could! You underestimate yourself. +
  • C. You shouldn't try, knowing you. -

So I’m curious to see this pet shop. Do you know if they have rabbits?

  • A. I don’t remember, I was so focused on the kittens... (Towards Illustration)
  • B. I think I saw some, yes! =

It’s a lot of responsibility. I shouldn’t take the risk.

  • A. You wouldn’t know if you don’t try! =
  • B. So, maybe you could adopt a pet that needs a little less attention? =

That's not a good idea...

  • A. Too bad...
  • B. You can't leave it to defend for itself.
  • C. Yes, it's best not to do something when you aren't sure. +

  • A. (I’m going to help him with his choice.)
  • B. (I’m going to see what else they sell.) (Towards Illustration)

  • A. (I’m going to take a decoration for Lysander’s rabbit cage!.) (Illustration)
  • B. (It’s too expensive for me, too bad...) =

Oh, it's nothing, it's just something for the group. It'll come back to me.

  • A. Do you need help? =
  • B. Ha ha, I wouldn't be so sure if I were you! -
  • C. I didn't come at a good time, then? +


You are becoming a real rebel!

  • A. Against my will then... =
  • B. You don’t have to make fun of me. I’m already annoyed just enough on my own. -
  • C. Yeah, compared to me, Castiel is a just born lamb. +

And just what did you have plans to do?

  • A. That doesn’t concern you. -
  • B. We are just have a friendly outing. -
  • C. Nothing special. We are just going to spend some time together to make up. =

It wasn't a good idea to choose Jigglypuff.

  • A. What are you playing? -
  • B. Oh, are you playing Pokemon? =
  • C. Oh, are you playing Super Smash Bros? +

If you want things to improve between us, you are going to have to make an effort.

  • A. What can I do to make you stop pouting? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. By winning your combat with Jigglypuff? =

I would like to visit this pet shop.

  • A. If you want, I can go back with you. =
  • B. Do you really think that’s necessary? (Towards Illustration)

Totally! Maybe I could adopt one...

  • A. Oh yes, that would be great! (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Be serious. You can’t just decide like that...

Yeah! But it’ll have to be for next time. My pocket money is going to take a hit.

  • A. I’m not sure it’s necessary... (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. If you want, I could offer it to you. =

So, Alexy, do you want to meet my new friend?

  • A. (Keep Armin form opening his bag) =
  • B. (Suggest to open the bag outside, to disperse the odor) (Illustration)


  • A. Did you know that your brother took me shopping this past weekend? =
  • B. What did you do this weekend? +
  • C. Too bad that we didn't see each other this weekend... -


  • A. Wow! You look like a character from Call of Duty who just got attacked. -
  • B. Is everything okay?
  • C. Castiel, leave this body!! +


That teacher is pretty full of it. He didn't even let you explain yourself.

  • A. It's my fault, I should have been more careful and kept my homework with me. +
  • B. Yeah, I know, no need to rub salt in the wound. -
  • C. It wouldn't have changed anything though... I don't have my homework in any case... =

  • A. Kentin, I already made plans with Nathaniel, I'm sorry. =
  • B. I would have liked to walk home with you. +
  • C. If you are just going to be unpleasant, you can go right now, Kentin! -

Are you free to go with anybody?

  • A. You’re so kind, but I will go with Nathaniel.
  • B. I will definitely go with Nathaniel.
  • C. I always come with you but not today. =

{$Pseudo} is free, last I checked. She could very well leave with me.

  • A. That's nice of you to stay for me... But I have to leave with Nathaniel. -
  • B. No, I would prefer to leave with Nathaniel.
  • C. Listen, it would be with pleasure... Another time. =

To scare Armin and Alexy. They’ll see that I can bother them too, if I want.

  • A. They have the advantage of being two. It will surely be harder than with me. +
  • B. That’s pretty childish reaction, no? =
  • C. You’re right. They deserve for you to put them in their place, a little. -

He ended up by realizing that he didn’t have a very good reaction before.

  • A. I was really relieved. I feel much better now.
  • B. It took a while... Good thing you were there to support me. +
  • C. I always knew he would admit to his mistake.

And, is it a good pet shop, at least?

  • A. Why do you want to know? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Because there are pet shops that aren't good? =

Oh, no... Why’s that?

  • A. I uh... Have something to do with my parents, I mean with my family, uh..
  • B. Nathaniel asked me to go with him to adopt a kitten. It’s important to him... And I want to be there. -

When I was little I wanted a mouse.

  • A. It's not too late. (more dialogue)
  • B. And now? =

  • A. (I still have some time, I'll go buy some cookies, I'm sure that Kentin will like them.)
  • B. (I should go to the park directly.) (Illustration)


  • A. Can't you and I be close? +
  • B. And you know, Nathaniel never interested me, you shouldn't be jealous! +


Well, the subject is quite interesting, don't you agree?

  • A. I have to admit that I'm not very passionate about industrialization... =
  • B. Yeah, industrialization is very... interesting. =
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