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Event Summary

During the 2017 International Music Day Event, players could participate by finishing three daily objectives that would reward them with an event exclusive currency, treble clefs. If players failed to finish the daily objectives or didn't feel like waiting each day for the objectives to refresh, the option to purchase treble clefs for 20AP each was available. Treble clefs were used to play a Flash Flash Revolution style game to unlock clothes and, eventually, a special outfit and illustration.

The event ran from Wednesday June 21st at 11am (French time) to Sunday July 2nd at midnight (local time) for a total of 12 days.


Fairy Announcement

Daily Objectives

Log in (x1)

The easiest way to obtain a treble clef is by simply logging into your account. This will earn you one treble clef.

Make 5 moves in an episode (x2)

Moving five times in a normal episode will earn you two treble clefs. Special episodes do not count toward this objective.

Find a treble clef on your friends' profiles (x1)

A treble clef will randomly spawn when visiting a player on your friends list and it must be clicked to earn one treble clef. Refreshing on a friend's profile also works and prevents you from having to visit multiple profiles.



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