Kim is one of the five winners of the contest "Create a character - EXTRA - until 31 March 2011" (Amour Sucré, French website[1]) to become a new character on My Candy Love. She was created by Calci[2], later redrawn by ChiNoMiko.



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Kim has black hair cut straight above the shoulders, with 2 longer strands on the front, brown skin and green eyes. Kim wears a short turquoise tank top, black shorts with a blue detail on the pocket and you can see another pair of blue shorts underneath. She wears a yellow scarf that's designed with several blue stripes at the tip and two different socks: a yellow sock with thin vertical stripes on the right leg and a black sock with horizontal blue stripes on the left leg. In addition, she wears two arm warmers that are blue with purple stripes on the ends, but the right arm also has purple vertical stripes along its entire length. She wears a black peaked cap with green details and a small bottom white on the right side, this design with a red cross. She uses two blue tabs to attach the fringe. Kim can be seen as the tallest of the girls in the school.


A girl of strong character, Kim is not what might be described as the most feminine girl in the high school. Instead, she shows her tomboy side by displaying a passion for the tinkering, in general, motor sports and arts and crafts. Participating in the plastic art club, she chose to express herself through sculpturing in particular. She sometimes participates in the aikido club. Very lively, she possesses a frank character, but we should not upset her. She tends to call your Candy "little girl".

According to her creator; Kim's nickname is Kimy, she likes electronic music, crafts and singing (falsetto). She does not like superficial and selfish girls, orders and canteen (?). Her sign is Scorpio and she participates in the arts club. However, such information has not been confirmed by the creators of the game and may not consider this true for her in-game.

In University Life Kim quit her studies to work as a coach in the town's gym. Always so fresh and energetic, she knows how to motivate her clients... and push them, just enough! She is still friends with Nathaniel, whom she sees often.


Friends and Enemies

Kim shows herself very protective of your Candy, calling her 'little girl' and always there for encouragement when things get hard.

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As Nathaniel helps Kim in her studies, the two of them gradually grow quite close and overcome the prejudice they had about each other.

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Kim's parents

Kim's parents.


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  • Kim is the tallest of the girls.
  • She is the owner of the gym (Beefit) that Nathaniel and Candy goes to, and she isn't in college.
  • Kim has no idea who Crowstorm is.

Contest Entry

Kim was one of the five winners of the contest "Create a character - EXTRA - until 31 march 2011" on Amour Sucré. By winning the contest, she became a new side character to the My Candy Love world and was redrawn by ChiNoMiko. Calci created Kim, and even after being redrawn, very little changed about her appearance and personality like Peggy.


Original entry of Kim by Calci.

Salut ! Voici ma modeste contribution:


Jeune fille au caractère bien trempé, Kim, ou Kimy, n’est pas celle que l’on pourrait qualifier de fille la plus féminine du lycée. Au contraire, elle revendique ses côtés garçon manqué en affichant une passion pour le bricolage en général, les sports mécaniques et les loisirs créatifs. Participant au club d’art plastique, elle choisit de s’exprimer à travers la sculpture notamment. Sportive, il lui arrive de participer aux activités du club d’aïkido de façon occasionnelle. Bonne vivante, elle possède un caractère franc et entier, mais il ne faudrait pas voir à l’énerver.

Aime : la musique électro, bricoler et chanter (faux).

Déteste : Les filles superficielles et égocentriques, les ordres et la cantine.

Signe : Scorpion


Original entry of Kim by Calci.

Hi! Here is my modest contribution:


A young girl with a strong character, Kim, or Kimy, is not one that could be described as the most feminine high school girl. Instead, she shows her tomboy side by displaying a passion for DIY in general, motorsports and crafts. Participating in plastic art club, she chose to express herself through sculpture in particular. Sports, she sometimes participates in the aikido club on occasion. She is laid back; a straightforward and unyielding person, but we should not see her get upset.

Likes: electro music, crafts and sing (false)

Dislikes: Superficial and selfish girls, orders and the cafeteria.

Sign: Scorpio