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On June 19th, 2015, background music and various sound effects were implemented as a permanent feature in-game to coincide with International Music Day.[1]

All songs were written, composed, performed, mixed & mastered by French composer Henri-Pierre Pellegrin, under the username H-Pi (H-π) who also composed the music of another Beemov's game, Eldarya.

Amour Sucré Soundtrack


Number Title Length Artist
#01 Title Theme 00:30 H-Pi
#02 Title Extended 02:01 H-Pi
#03 Piano Theme 02:22 H-Pi
#04 My Candy Love 01:48 H-Pi Vocals: KC C.
#05 My Candy Love (Instrumental) 01:44 H-Pi
#06 My Candy Melancholy 01:50 H-Pi
#07 Kawaï Love 01:50 H-Pi
#08 A Little Bit Sad 00:52 H-Pi
#09 Wesh Love 01:25 H-Pi
#10 Wild Wild Wesh 01:46 H-Pi
#11 Gaga Love 01:04 H-Pi
#12 Hero Lover 01:23 H-Pi
#13 Shut Up & Kiss My Guitar 01:23 H-Pi
#14 Rock & Love 00:58 H-Pi
#15 Southern Love 01:04 H-Pi

Dans Les Couloirs

In The Hallways
01:22 H-Pi
#17 Anime Intro 00:39 H-Pi
#18 Ken Music 00:20 H-Pi
#19 Lovely Pop 00:35 H-Pi
#20 College Love 00:40 H-Pi
#21 High Is Cool 00:41 H-Pi
#22 Falling In Love 01:30 H-Pi
#23 Game Intro 01:01 H-Pi
#24 Introducing Love 01:01 H-Pi
#25 Love & Dance 00:56 H-Pi

Dans La Cour

In The Courtyard
01:22 H-Pi
#27 Sweet Garden 01:22 H-Pi
#28 Romantic Love 00:33 H-Pi
#29 Attractive Love 00:56 H-Pi
#30 Lovers On The Road 01:01 H-Pi
#31 Alone 01:08 H-Pi
#32 Dreamin 00:42 H-Pi
#33 The Chase 00:48 H-Pi
#34 Get In The Ring 00:42 H-Pi

Ken & Lynn

Lynn is Candy's name in the manga.
00:49 H-Pi
#36 Bullshit Beat 00:41 H-Pi
#37 Think 00:38 H-Pi
#38 Tension 00:52 H-Pi
#39 Suspense 00:47 H-Pi
#40 Sad 01:03 H-Pi
#41 This Is The End 00:36 H-Pi
#42 Kastiel Blues 00:40 H-Pi
#43 Intro (90's FM Style) 01:14 H-Pi

Dans Les Couloirs (90's FM Style)

In The Hallways (90's FM Style)
01:22 H-Pi

Dans La Cour (90's FM Style)

In The Courtyard (90's FM Style)
01:22 H-Pi


My Candy Love

The vocals on the track My Candy Love were performed by KC C., however only the off-vocal version is played in-game. It is the only track with vocals on the entire album.

Baby, you're my lover, and we'll never
Ever apart 'cause I know
You care
To be there
Oh I'll never ever be apart
Cause you're my boyfriend, you're my heart

Oh baby, I wanna kiss you, and never leave you

Put my hand out on your arm and feel secure, protected 

We will never be appart 

I don’t wanna be alone

I don’t want it anynore

Now kiss my lips, my  heart, my soul

Giving me all your candy love

Give me all your candy love

My candy love

External links

The entire soundtrack is available for free on H-π's SoundCloud, as well as purchasable in high quality on his BandCamp


  • In-game, audio settings (music, sound effects and environnement sounds) can be modified on a tab on the left of the screen.
  • The tracks played in game are an abriged version of the full tracks of the album. In addition, only the off-vocal version of My Candy Love is ever played in-game.


  1. The first International Music Day celebrated on MCL.
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