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On June 19th, 2015, background music and various sound effects were implemented as a permanent feature in-game to coincide with International Music Day.[1]

All songs were written, composed, performed, mixed & mastered by French composer Henri-Pierre Pellegrin, under the username H-Pi (H-π) who also composed the music of another Beemov's game, Eldarya.

Amour Sucré Soundtrack


Number Title Length Artist
#01 Title Theme 00:30 H-Pi
#02 Title Extended 02:01 H-Pi
#03 Piano Theme 02:22 H-Pi
#04 My Candy Love 01:48 H-Pi Vocals: KC C.
#05 My Candy Love (Instrumental) 01:44 H-Pi
#06 My Candy Melancholy 01:50 H-Pi
#07 Kawaï Love 01:50 H-Pi
#08 A Little Bit Sad 00:52 H-Pi
#09 Wesh Love 01:25 H-Pi
#10 Wild Wild Wesh 01:46 H-Pi
#11 Gaga Love 01:04 H-Pi
#12 Hero Lover 01:23 H-Pi
#13 Shut Up & Kiss My Guitar 01:23 H-Pi
#14 Rock & Love 00:58 H-Pi
#15 Southern Love 01:04 H-Pi

Dans Les Couloirs

In The Hallways
01:22 H-Pi
#17 Anime Intro 00:39 H-Pi
#18 Ken Music 00:20 H-Pi
#19 Lovely Pop 00:35 H-Pi
#20 College Love 00:40 H-Pi
#21 High Is Cool 00:41 H-Pi
#22 Falling In Love 01:30 H-Pi
#23 Game Intro 01:01 H-Pi
#24 Introducing Love 01:01 H-Pi
#25 Love & Dance 00:56 H-Pi

Dans La Cour

In The Courtyard
01:22 H-Pi
#27 Sweet Garden 01:22 H-Pi
#28 Romantic Love 00:33 H-Pi
#29 Attractive Love 00:56 H-Pi
#30 Lovers On The Road 01:01 H-Pi
#31 Alone 01:08 H-Pi
#32 Dreamin 00:42 H-Pi
#33 The Chase 00:48 H-Pi
#34 Get In The Ring 00:42 H-Pi

Ken & Lynn

Lynn is Candy's name in the manga.
00:49 H-Pi
#36 Bullshit Beat 00:41 H-Pi
#37 Think 00:38 H-Pi
#38 Tension 00:52 H-Pi
#39 Suspense 00:47 H-Pi
#40 Sad 01:03 H-Pi
#41 This Is The End 00:36 H-Pi
#42 Kastiel Blues 00:40 H-Pi
#43 Intro (90's FM Style) 01:14 H-Pi

Dans Les Couloirs (90's FM Style)

In The Hallways (90's FM Style)
01:22 H-Pi

Dans La Cour (90's FM Style)

In The Courtyard (90's FM Style)
01:22 H-Pi


My Candy Love

The vocals on the track My Candy Love were performed by KC C., however only the off-vocal version is played in-game. It is the only track with vocals on the entire album.

Baby, you're my lover, and we'll never
Ever apart 'cause I know
You care
To be there
Oh I'll never ever be apart
Cause you're my boyfriend, you're my heart

Oh baby, I wanna kiss you, and never leave you

[Please someone help complete]

External links

The entire soundtrack is available for free on H-π's SoundCloud, as well as purchasable in high quality on his BandCamp


  • In-game, audio settings (music, sound effects and environnement sounds) can be modified on a tab on the left of the screen.
  • The tracks played in game are an abriged version of the full tracks of the album. In addition, only the off-vocal version of My Candy Love is ever played in-game.


  1. The first International Music Day celebrated on MCL.
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