This article is about the animated short. For information regarding the game, visit My Candy Love or My Candy Love - University Life.

My Candy Love is an animated short. It was originally intended to be the pilot episode for a potential animated adaption of the original game.



  • Like in the manga, Lynn’s full name is “Lynn Darcy”
  • She says she’s turning 16 next month and is starting at a new school so she’d have been starting at Sweet Amoris during “Première“ (Year 2 of high school in France)
    • This at least corresponds with the Manga as well based off how it progresses, though, I would say doesn’t work fully with the game (Maybe originally, but they contradict it quite a bit from episode 21 onward which is well after this was made and the manga had started)
    • That said, for whatever reason, she refers to herself as 16 already (as does her Aunt) in the episode after this point so ???
  • She’s a Scorpio (or more specifically, Scorpio with Gemini rising/Ascendant) so her birthday would be between October 23 and November 21 (So if this is based off official information, Lynn would have been under 18 both during Iris’ party and Episode 40 as I know I’ve had questions about both of those in the past. It’d at least match-up based on when her birthday is during the Manga too). 
  • Her aunt has a cat named Plume.
  • Like in the manga, her parents went off on a trip and she had to move in with her Aunt Agatha because of it. 
  • Lynn’s dad studied a lot.
  • On Kentin: Lynn apparently told him he wasn’t her type multiple times, but he said she was his soul mate and she’d realize it sooner or later. 
  • Aunt Agatha apparently doesn’t like being called Auntie/Tata 
  • Lynn was apparently Student Body President in her old school. She was apparently going to run for the election at Sweet Amoris when it happened
  • The Sports team is the “Cupidons”. 
  • The Infirmary is a location mentioned in both the Manga and Anime, but we never got to see it ingame. Similarly, while there was a mention of the Bathroom ingame, we only really got to see it briefly in the manga. 
  • Nathaniel has been class president since Kindergarten. He also has a beeper.
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