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Hello MCL Wiki Editors! This page is dedicated to helping you understand the uniform style used for pages and things on this wiki.

Please refer to the following guides before you edit.

Page Layouts

Page Rules


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High quality, borderless images only. Try not to screen shot and try to get from the original source of the illustration. These "original source" images will be .jpg, not .png. When you go to save the image, please name it with the following template: "Illustration-Episode#-Names of present characters". [without quotes, replace # and names to correspond, replace episode with event if it is an event] Always Left allign and size the image to 310 px on the wiki options. Never edit Admin edits and do not edit pre-existing illustrations unless you have found one of better quality. Anything less will be edited or deleted. This is to keep the Wiki page uniform and reliable.

Everyone that had participated had so many weeks to change out their image, we have begun to switch out existing images again now.

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