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Sweet Amoris High School

Main article: Sweet Amoris High School

This is where almost everything takes place in the game. Here, you interact with different characters and meet lots of new people. Your adventure begins here.


Main article: Bank

This is where you can pay to get more AP and money by using a credit card, landline, or mobile phone.

Jewelry Shop

Main article: Jewelry Shop

This is where you buy rings. There are 3 main rings:

  • Silver Ring - probability of Nathaniel appearing, +5 ($50)
  • Purple Skull Ring - probability of Castiel appearing +5 ($50)
  • Pink Plastic Ring - probability of Ken appearing +5 ($20)

Eventually other rings are added as you play further:

  • Black Ring with Green Edge - probability of Lysander appearing +5 ($60)
  • Mysterious Ring Halloween 2011 - play the special Halloween episode.
  • Mysterious Ring Halloween 2012 - play the 2012 Halloween episode.
  • Mysterious Ring Christmas 2012 - play the 2012 Christmas episode.
  • Mysterious Ring Christmas 2011 - play the 2011 Christmas episode

My Apartment

Main article: Apartment

This is where you live. Here, you can do multiple things:

  • Play mini-games to win AP or money
  • Change clothing and style of character
  • Check objectives
  • View unlocked illustrations
  • View objects unlocked, as well as change the object on your dresser
  • Check profile
  • Email/Messages
  • Change rings
  • Go to the city

Dollar Shop

Main article: Dollar Shop

This is where you buy different items that a character may have told you to get, or an object you think you need. When you do not need an item, the store appears empty.

Event Tent

This tent is an access point for special events. When there's an event currently ongoing, it appears as a fully set up circus tent. When there's no event, it will look as an abandoned area. The tent was added for the 2015 updated.

Updated Appearance

The city has been redrawn twice: once on August 2nd, 2012 and another on March 25th, 2015.

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