• MIDOKO brought up a good point on the Wiki Revamp thread; we need a place that makes it easier for our editors to communicate with each other. One place that's readily accessible for all of us to brainstorm in one place instead of spreading them around the wiki.

    Should we create a Discord server for this wiki? If so, who will make it and moderate it? Would we want to have a widget for it on the wiki? If not, how would we let people know it exists?

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    • Yea

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    • In my opinion, I don't see any harm in having a companion to the wiki with a Discord server. It could be a great way to get the Wiki community to get together with updated communication platforms. I do also think, that while I think a Discord server would be a good idea, I don't think it should completely replace the ability to discuss the Wiki's growth. I think it would still be great to have a place to discuss ideas on the home base, so people don't have to leave Wikia to discuss and should anything happen to Discord, we would still have our archives here on site. :)

      As for who would open the discord, I'm not sure, I could open it if needed, but as for being there to moderate, well my plate's pretty full as it is. ^^  Maybe we could keep an eye out for people who are up for the task to help moderate discussion from getting hairy if it ever happens. There's even a chance, if there aren't many participants, that much moderation isn't needed that often. It would need to be someone we can trust.

      If we do open a Discord server, then certainly add a widget! 

      Thank you for asking :)

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    • It would even work for the games too.

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    • Hi, I know this was discussed a year ago, but I was just wondering if we ever did make a discord server?

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    • A FANDOM user
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