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Episode 13 - Turn Up the Volume (Part One)

QuotationM1 So, who kissed Amber?! And will you convince your friends to organize a concert at school? Look forward to teamwork and meeting new people! QuotationM2

Turn Up the Volume (Part One) is the 13th episode of My Candy Love. It was originally released on January 21st, 2013. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Starting from where Episode 12 left off, your Candy stumbles upon Amber kissing a mysterious boy while trying to find Lysander to talk to him about the school project. Your Candy is shocked by the kiss and doesn't recognize the boy. Amber taunts your Candy about the kiss and about paying for the cellphone, and your Candy thinks she should leave since the boy doesn't look amused. Before she decides to go, your Candy asks the boy who he is, and the boy smiles at her. Amber asks the same thing and apparently didn't even know the boy she kissed. The boy says how the more he looks at Amber the less attractive she is and how she's a bad kisser. He then grabs the cellphone your Candy bought for Amber and smashes it on the ground. Amber is horrified that he broke the phone, and so is your Candy since it was expensive. The boy yells at Amber to leave again, and your Candy feels she should leave, too. She goes off to find Lysander before he leaves the school so that she can talk to him about the concert. In the hallway, she runs into the mystery boy again and he hopes she wasn't too scared by what happened earlier. Your Candy found it funny, and she wonders how he knew her name. The boy in front of her is none other than Kentin; the boy who originally went to Sweet Amoris just to be with her. Your Candy is surprised at his transformation and Kentin asks your Candy to call him my his full name and not "Ken" anymore. Depending on how your Candy treated him before he left depends on how he reacts toward her. You Candy then asks why he kissed Amber, to which he replies that he did it for revenge. Once they part ways, your Candy looks around for Lysander again. First, she ends up running into Amber again, who threatens her to not tell anyone about what happened earlier. When your Candy tells her that it was Ken she kissed, she doesn't believe it and walks off. Your Candy then runs into Armin, and she asks him if he's seen Lysander. He's pretty sure that they're the only two left in the school, and he's only there because he lost track of the time while playing a game. Your Candy tells him about Kentin's return, and Armin remembers him from when he first registered for school since he saw a picture of Kentin from before he left for military school in the school files. The two part ways and your Candy goes home and thinks about what an eventful day she had. She also worries about Nathaniel and the bruises on his back, and how he seemed nervous to talk about it.

The next day, your Candy goes to school and decides to look for Lysander again. She runs into Nathaniel first, though, and he's still sore about your Candy snooping around earlier. He leaves without a word, and your Candy continues to look for Lysander. When she runs into Alexy, he worries about her mood being so low. He mentions how she can always talk to him about it, and your Candy tells him about the situation with Nathaniel being upset with her. Alexy suggests giving him some time and he'll recover eventually, in which your Candy hopes he's right. She then asks him about if having a concert is a good idea and Alexy thinks it is. They part ways, and your Candy still can't help worrying about the situation with Nathaniel. She can either go talk to him or leave him alone. If she goes to talk to him, she tries to get him to open up and stop avoiding her, but Nathaniel is still angry. He'll then make the deal that he'll stop ignoring your Candy if she stops bringing up the subject, which she agrees to. Now on better terms with Nathaniel, your Candy will part ways with Nathaniel feeling better about the situation. She runs into Rosalya, and asks her if she's seen Lysander so she can discuss the concert with him. She hasn't seen Lysander either, and mentions how he might be zoning out in the Garden. When your Candy finds Lysander, she explains how the orientation race didn't go so well and how they didn't raise much money. She then leads into how maybe they could fix things by putting on a concert. Lysander thinks it's a great idea, but is unsure if a band would be willing to play at their school. Your Candy then says how she was actually thinking of him and Castiel playing for the school, and Lysander is willing to do so. Your Candy has to convince Castiel to play in the concert, as well, otherwise, it'll be impossible. Luckily, Lysander is willing to talk to Castiel to see if he can convince him to join, which your Candy is grateful for. Your Candy ends up running into Castiel before Lysander does, however, so she has to ask him herself. Castiel isn't fond of the idea of helping the school earn money and refuses. Your Candy hopes Lysander will have better luck than she did of convincing Castiel.

Your Candy runs into Nathaniel, who has heard about a potential project, but doesn't know much about it. Your Candy tells him about the concert idea and Nathaniel thinks it's a great idea and offers to help when needed. She also runs into Kentin, who jokes about the concert being held for his return to the school. When your Candy sees Castiel again, he mentions how Lysander talked to him and judging by his reaction, he failed to convince him, as well. Your Candy looks around for Lysander and when she find him, he explains how Castiel doesn't want to play for anything for the time being. He also explains how Castiel seems to be in a bad mood today and that something is bothering him. Lysander feels that Castiel may change his mind, once he gets over whatever is making him grumpy. Your Candy thinks maybe they can help Castiel with whatever is bothering him so maybe he'll be more likely to change his mind sooner. Lysander thinks they should leave him be, but your Candy insists on finding out what's wrong. Lysander explains to your Candy how it won't help to pressure him, though, and suggests being patient. When your Candy runs into Alexy, he says how exciting the concert sounds, but your Candy mentions how it's only an idea at the moment. She explains how Castiel doesn't want to play, and Alexy wonders if he'll accept if multiple people ask him. He gives your Candy no time to answer, since he grabs her by the wrist and pulls her off to find more people to talk to Castiel. The duo run into Nathaniel and although your Candy tries to avoid it, Alexy asks him if he'd help convince Castiel to play since he doesn't know about their rocky relationship. Nathaniel refuses, and the duo leaves to find someone else. They run into Iris next, and ask her the same question. Iris is happy to join the cause and they go off to find one more person to help. When they ask Kentin, he looks nervous and refuses to talk to Castiel. He tries to act tough so that he doesn't come off as being afraid of Castiel, and Alexy scares him by saying Castiel is behind him even though he isn't. The trio leaves and runs into Kim, to whom they ask the same question. She's willing to help, too, and Iris suggests they find Castiel now and try to reason with him since she likes the idea of a concert being held at the school. When they run into Castiel, your Candy has the option to have any one of the group speak on behalf of their cause. Castiel mentions how even if he wanted to play, he doesn't have an amp and his electric guitar is useless without one. He saw one at a store, but he didn't have enough money for it since it's $200. Castiel is willing to play in the concert if they're able to collect enough money for the amp, and everyone decides to pool their money together by giving your Candy what they can spare.

Your Candy then goes off to look for the rest of the students to see if they'll be willing to pitch in for the cause, as well. When she asks Nathaniel, sadly he lent his money to Amber so she could buy a new phone and can't contribute. Capucine won't help out, either, since Amber told her not to. Other students are more cooperative, however. Melody donates some money to the cause, as well as Lysander, Armin, Rosalya, Peggy, Violette, and even Iris remembers to bring some money. Castiel donates the most money, and gives your Candy $100. Once your Candy has the $200, it's time to buy the amp. The problem is there isn't an amp in the Dollar Shop, she goes off to ask Castiel where she should get one. Castiel gives your Candy the address to a place that sells amps, and your Candy meets up with Alexy, who decides to join her in getting the amp since he knows the location of the shop due to it being near a clothes shop he likes. Once they arrive at the shop, Alexy asks if your Candy would like to join him at the clothes shop first. If she decides to go to the clothes shop with Alexy, she ends up buying a new outfit with the amp money. The other students will be angry at her for this. If she decides not to go to the clothes shop, her and Alexy part ways and she busy the amp. She brings the amp back to the school to give to Castiel, and she runs into Nathaniel, who wants to help organize the concert. They part ways for now and your Candy finds Castiel. She gives him the amp, and Castiel is happy to have it. He questions why she hangs out so much with Alexy, although your Candy shrugs it off by telling him Alexy is easy to talk to because he's gay. Castiel then goes off to put the amp away, leaving your Candy to go find Nathaniel. The two talk about how they need permission from Mrs. Shermansky to host a concert, and Nathaniel is confident they'll get her approval. They discuss where the concert should be held, since it may annoy the neighbors if it is held in the courtyard. Nathaniel suggests asking Rosalya because she knows the school well and in the meantime, they'll need to ask the principal about the concert. Your Candy can choose to have Nathaniel accompany her or not to see the principal. Your Candy (and Nathaniel, depending) go around asking students if they've seen the principal. She finally finds the principal and whether or not Nathaniel accompanied her, either your Candy or Nathaniel will do the talking. At first, the principal refuses and thinks it will be more of a hassle, like the orientation race. After some convincing about the school not having to pay for anything, the principal agrees to the concert, but gives that warning that there will be consequences if the school gets turned upside down because of it.

Your Candy is happy at the success of getting the okay to host a concert, and she decides to check in with Rosalya to see if she's found a place to have the concert. When she goes into the hallway, she hears noise from the Basement and decides to check it out. Your Candy goes down into the basement and finds Rosalya, who feels the basement is a good place to hold the concert. Your Candy agrees, although she mentions how the school won't be paying for anything so they can't do anything too extravagant. Lysander joins the two girls after seeing the basement door open and he's not sure they could do a concert in a place that has a lot of boxes lying around. Your Candy agrees that they'll need to clean the place up and she goes off to look for help. If your Candy is close enough to Lysander, he'll accompany her. Depending on how your Candy approaches the boys depends on whether of not they'll help with the cleanup. Your Candy will also have the choice to team up with one of the boys and Rosalya. Eventually, they clean out the basement by removing the ladders, boxes, a desk, and other clutter. Once the room is empty, the group meets down in the basement and Rosalya deems that it's a good time for a well-deserved break to celebrate. Rosalya goes to the Dollar Shop to get some snacks while everyone else gets comfortable. When she returns, Rosalya passes out the snacks and drinks while everyone talks with one another. They stay there chatting for two hours until the principal finds them and kicks them out. When your Candy arrives home, it's already late and she goes to bed.

The next day, your Candy returns to school and is ready to continue the concert preparations. She immediately runs into Castiel, who asks her who else will be playing on stage with him and Lysander. Your Candy assumes the other members of their band, but apparently, there's only him and Lysander in their group. They're going to have to find other musicians quickly if they're going to be able to make this concert happen.

Quest Items

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Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Locker Room
• Gift:

Hidden Gifts


Cap With Chains


Spike Necklace


Bustier Top With Starry Veil


Shorts With Suspenders


Mismatched Stockings


Star Boots


Fishnet Ribbon Gloves

Go shopping with Alexy instead of buying the amp right away
All items come in an outfit set for Dollars 200


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 13

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : The Return

PART 2 : Castiel and the Amp

PART 3 : The Basement


P A R T 1: 

The Return

The project comes together!!

There is only one illustration available in this episode that regroups most of the boys from the game.

It can be unlocked under certain conditions (explained at the end of the guide)

You will pick up where the last episode ended : With Amber and a mysterious guy. As Amber starts to brag, your L’o’M with the boy will go up or down during the game. The boy will take her telephone and crush it on the ground telling her he never wants to see her again. Amber (obviously) takes this very well.


Or not...

After this distracting dispute, you return to your search that was interrupted during the last episode. Remember: You needed to talk to Lysander about the concert!

      Objective: Find Lysander to talk to him about your project

To pass this objective you need to unlock several dialogues..

✔ Talk to the new guy once

You will learn that it’s actually Ken, the boy with the glasses who followed you to Sweet Amoris. He’s back from military school completely transformed, and not just physically!


Those green eyes \o/...?

This is where the change in his LoM starts to make sense:

When your LoM with Ken is between 40-79, your LoM with Kentin will change to 30-49 max. If your LoM with Ken is at least 80, your LoM with Kentin will be 50.

If your Ken LOM was too low before, your Kentin LOM can go down by -50. But don’t worry: there will be lots of chances to make up for this!

✔ Talk with Amber

For once, we've given you something to laugh at her about, so don’t pass up the chance, right? You will learn that the boy she just kissed is the “four-eyed geek” that she tormented a few months back!

✔ Talk to Armin

You tell Armin what you've just found out, then because no one is left at school, you decide to go home. You’ll have the time to talk to Lysander tomorrow about your idea!

      Objective: Return to the courtyard to go home

Return to the courtyard to return to school the next day.

The objective Find Lysander to talk to him about your project will still have to wait, because you need to put all your efforts into your research on your classmates. You talk to Nathaniel (who isn't in a very good mood) then Alexy, who you tell about what happened in the locker rooms.

On your next move, you are offered two choices:

C H O I CE 1:

Talk to Nathaniel

(will help you to increase your LoM with him)

      Objective: Talk to Nathaniel to make things a little better

You will fall upon a dialogue every time you move until you are able to say you’re sorry to Nathaniel.

Once this is done, you continue your search for Lysander.

C H O I CE 2:

Leave things be

(nothing happens)

You look for Lysander without worrying about what Nathaniel thinks.

You finally find Lysander (he is in three different places in the school) and talk to him about your idea. He agrees and joyfully even - as joyful as Lysander can be - the only problem is that alone, the concert won’t be that interesting for the public. You need to convince Castiel to participate too.

P A R T 2: 

Castiel and the Amp

      Objective: Go back to see Lysander or Castiel to see if they want to do the concert.

You need to unlock a dialogue with Castiel first. He refuses to participate.

      Objective: No luck with Castiel... Find Lysander!

Lysander doesn’t have any more luck than you. He tells you to wait a bit, until Castiel is in a good mood ( can happen) before bringing up the concert again. On your next move you run into Alexy who is really enthusiastic about trying to convince Castiel right away, because all the students have agreed to help.

      Objective: Go with Alexy to find some students to help convince Castiel

You are with Alexy during this objective

Iris and Kim will come with you to talk to Castiel. You need to ‘recruit’ each of them until the team is complete.

      Objective: Go back to see Castiel. This time it will work!

You are with Alexy, Iris and Kim during this objective

Once you find Castiel, you can choose who you want to talk:

- Kim

- Iris

- Alexy

- Yourself

Depending on your affinity and your answer, Castiel will agree if you ask him. If not, you will have to go back to see him until someone else tries. You will learn that his amp is broken and that he can no longer play. Your classmates suggest that everyone chips in to save up for a new one so you can still organize the concert.

A whole series of objectives will appear on your next move:

      Objective: Get together the money to buy Castiel's amplifier : $200
      Objective: Ask Nathaniel if he can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Amber if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Castiel if he can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Iris if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Capucine if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Violette if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Melody if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Armin if he can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Peggy if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Rosalya if she can participate in the purchase
      Objective: Ask Lysander if he can participate in the purchase

You’ll need to talk to all these people and collect enough money to pass on to the next step. You’ll also see that everyone is ready to help, which is encouraging for the future of the event. Once the $200 are collected (you participate as well) you need to find Castiel to find out where to go to buy the amp.

      Objective: Ask Castiel where you can buy the amplifier

Castiel will tell you where to go, all you have to do is go there.

      Objective: Go to the courtyard to go to the store!

Once you are in the courtyard you will see Alexy again, who is ready to go with your if you want! At this time, it is possible to win an exclusive outfit, available only in this episode.


7 items in total


If you do not have $200 to buy the amp - meaning if you spent the money - you will not be able to advance in the episode, the dialogue will repeat itself until you have collected the necessary $200

A L T E R N A T I V E 1:

You get the amp right away

No consequences

      Objective: Give the amplifier to Castiel

You will need to have talked to Nathaniel before being able to give the amp to Castiel. Once you've done this, the amp has been given, Castiel is happy and accepts to play - you return to the main story line.

A L T E R N A T I V E 2:

You don’t have the amp

You lose 5 LoM with Armin, Castiel, Nathaniel and Lysander

You go back to school empty handed.

      Objective: Go see Peggy to see what she told the others

Everyone is angry - with reason really - You can only finish this objective after having talked to Nathaniel. Once this is done you will run into Peggy. Once the dialogue with her is over, Melody comes to see you. She asks you to reimburse the money you spent so she can go buy the amp herself.


If you do not have $200 to buy the amp - meaning if you spent the money - you will not be able to advance in the episode, the dialogue will repeat itself until you have collected the necessary $200.

"No, I don't have the money yet... (I need $200 to continue!)"

will appear each time that you click on the answer as long as you don’t have the money.

Once you have given the $200 to Melody, you can return to the main story line.

      Objective: Go talk to Nathaniel like he asked, now that you've got the amplifier

You will find Nathaniel in the Student Council room, for example. He will tell you how to go about organizing the concert, and especially the agreement with the principal, which is necessary if you want to have the concert in the school.

P A R T 3: 

The basement

      Objective: Go see the principal to ask her permission

Go see the principal. She will agree under one condition, that the school doesn't pay a dime for the concert. Seeing as everyone is ready to help out, you tell her that it won’t be a problem.

      Objective: See if Rosalya has found a place for the concert

You will need to go to the end of the hallway. You will see that something has changed. Once the dialogue is finished, a new heart will be available. Click on it to go to the basement. You will find Rosa who thinks that it will make a great place to have the concert. It’s just a little cluttered, and you will need some help to clean it up as quickly as possible.

Several objectives are unlocked :

      Objective: Ask Castiel if he can come help
      Objective: Ask Armin if he can come help
      Objective: Ask Nathaniel if he can come help

To unlock the end illustration, you will have to convince the three boys to help you. If one of them is missing, you will not get the illustration. You will, therefore, have to talk to Castiel, Armin and Nathaniel.

      Objective: Return to the stair case
      Objective: Return to the basement

Like the objective says, go to the stairs. You will be able to choose who you will clean up the basement with. If you were able to convince everyone, you can join:

- Castiel

- Nathaniel

- Lysander

- Armin

- Rosalya

Careful, the boys that aren't chosen might take it badly! After, return to the basement to start cleaning the room.

C H O I C E 1:

You are with Rosalya

no consequences

      Objective: Bring the ladder to the Gardening Club and return to the basement

You need to go to the Gardening Club. Not many people are left at school, so you won’t see anyone in the halls. Once you drop off the ladder, Rosa realizes that she’s lost her ring during the transport. You’ll have to go look for it.

      Objective: Return to the Gardening Club to see if Rosalya's ring is there

Good thing you don’t have any trouble finding the ring.

You return one last time to the basement to get back to the main story line.

C H O I C E S 2, 3, A N D 4:

You are with Lysander, Castiel or Armin

No consequences

      Objective: Bring the first object to the specific area and return to the basement (the area is different with each partner)

As indicated, go to the gym or the gardening club then back to the basement to unlock the next objective. You can, at the same time, unlock a few more private dialogues with Lysander, Castiel or Armin.

      Objective: Bring the second object to the specific area and return to the basement (the area is different with each partner)

Again, go to the right area then back to the basement. You’ll see that the room will become more and more empty.

      Objective: Bring the last object to the specific area and return to the basement (the area is different with each partner)

Take the object to the area and then go back to the basement after having unlocked all the ‘private’ dialogues with each boy. You’ll be able to gain a bit of LoM with each.

You will then go back to the main story line.

C H O I C E 5:

You are with Nathaniel

No consequences

      Objective: Bring the ladder to the Gardening Club and return to the basement

Go to the Gardening Club. Go back to the basement, as asked.

      Objective: Bring the chair and the carpet to the Student Council Room and return to the basement

Once you are in the student council room, Nathaniel notices that the chair isn't the right color : it goes in the Classroom B. You accept to put it back in its place instead of leaving it in the room.

      Objective: Bring the chair to Classroom B

Go back to Classroom B. Nathaniel is happy to have correctly put things in their place and thanks you, you can now go back to the basement (which is now all clear)

You will now find the main story line.

Once you are back in the basement, the last dialogue will appear. This is where you will be able to unlock the illustration if you managed to get all the boys to come and help you empty the basement!

This guide is finished!!

See your for episode 14 !

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


  • A. (Go talk to him) (chance to change affinity)
  • B. (Leave things as they are) =

I have the right to be in a bad mood!

  • A. Yeah, but it’s bothering me that it’s because of what happened yesterday... =
  • B. I already said I was sorry... +
  • C. You get angry over the smallest things... kind of like Castiel. -

Because you tried to catch a boy undressing in the locker room! This is not a good enough reason?

  • A. If... a little? =
  • B. But anyway! I’ve always helped when I had the chance! Angry with me for a little stupidity is not fair! +
  • C. If one is if you are a bit stuck, indeed... -

  • A. I’m in charge of collecting money so we can have a concert at school, do you want to participate? -
  • B. If you want the concert to happen, you’ll need to give a little money, alright? =
  • C. Any spare change please? =

Do you want me to come with you?

  • A. Yeah, I would like that! +
  • B. No, I can take care of it alone thanks. =

  • A. (Let Nathaniel talk) (success) +
  • B. (Speak to her myself) (success) +

It’s better to do it as soon as possible. Doing things at the last minute is never good!

  • A. For once, stop thinking about your studies and come help us! (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Yeah, that’s true, I should do the same. =

A good thing done! You do not feel better to have something given to him?

  • A. Not really... -
  • B. It’s better than leaving it in the hallway, yes.
  • C. I almost feel I have accomplished a good deed! +


Do I look like someone who wants to do a favor for the school?

  • A. No, it was silly of me to ask... +
  • B. Uh, yeah? -
  • C. When you are in a good mood. Yeah... =

  • A. (Talk to him myself) (success) =
  • B. (Let Alexy talk to him) (failure) =
  • C. (Let Iris talk to him) (success) =
  • D. (Let Kim talk to him) (failure) =

And you needed all these people to do that? You usually manage alone...

  • A. It wasn’t my idea... (failure) =
  • B. I wanted to have the odds on my side!
  • C. You’re not in the best of moods, I wanted to take all necessary precautions! (success) =

You left like a thief earlier, I didn’t have the time to give you what I had put aside.

  • A. Ah, thanks! I thought you were going to let us pay. -
  • B. I hope you have a lot to give because otherwise we aren’t going to manage... +
  • C. Great! How much can you give? =

And what do I get out of this?

  • A. The pleasure of doing something nice? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. (Smile like Rosalya suggested) (70+ affinity, towards illustration) =


Oh, I’d never thought about it like that...

  • A. I understand if you don’t want to... =
  • B. I didn’t think we would have to pay you. -
  • C. So, you’re in then? You’ll do it? +

From what I hear, you managed to convince Castiel?!

  • A. Yes! We were really lucky! -
  • B. We succeeded where you failed... pretty neat huh!? -
  • C. I still don’t know how it happened! +


Haha... You still haven’t figured it out? I know that I’ve changed quite a bit, but still! You don’t remember me? A timid boy, who came to this school just to be with you...

  • A. Let me think about it.. =
  • B. Are you talking about the four-eyed geek? -

Don’t be upset, I had to move on...And getting back at Amber was part of that plan! But I won’t forget your kindness and the times we spent together! It was nice! We should do it again sometime!

  • A. Whenever you want! =
  • B. I would prefer not to... I prefer the old Ken. =


What kind of sorcery is this?

  • A. Military school, Armin, military school... =
  • B. ...Sorcery? -

Basically, he leveled up. Like in Pokemon!

  • A. Uh... yeah, I guess... -
  • B. Haha, I never thought about it like that! +

If only the motherlode cheat code existed in real life... we wouldn’t have this type of problem anymore!

  • A. You play Mario? -
  • B. You play Sims? =
  • C. You play Zelda? -

I was going to go home... Do you really need my help?

  • A. Yes! There aren’t many students left at school... =
  • B. No, not really, but we’ll be faster if you are there! (Towards Illustration) =

Where would they need a ladder?

  • A. The gym? To get the balls stuck up high?
  • B. The courtyard, to get on the roof?
  • C. The gardens, to trim the trees? +

I can imagine yeah! Rosalya and Lysander were here in any case!

  • A. Yeah, but it’s much better with you! +
  • B. Yeah, good thing they’re here! =


You just don’t look so well. Did something happen? I’m here If you want to talk about it.

  • A. That’s nice of you, but everything’s okay. =
  • B. I didn’t think it was that obvious. =

I thought he would be in the classroom playing his game, but nope...

  • A. Ha ha, that’s where I would have looked too! =
  • B. He plays those games a little too much, don’t you think? =

The music store is here and my clothing store is next door! Do you want to come with me?

  • A. Yeah sure! = (- with classmates)
  • B. No, it’s late, the music store might close, I really need to go... =


What do we do now?

  • A. We should wait for the boys, don’t you think? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Everyone left? =


Censored Content

  • After Nathaniel throws the drumstick at Castiel during practice, Castiel says "Leave me alone! I'm going to get him!" On Amour Sucre, he says something to the affect of "Let go of me! I'm going to kill him!".